When Jill just ain't enough anymore. Happy valentines day you lovable people bitches, whores and doors.. some woo jpg( 7 ks, 300x300) It' s depressing that this Duck Tape
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When Jill just ain't enough anymore

Happy valentines day you lovable people bitches, whores and doors.

Tags: Duck | Tape
some woo jpg( 7 ks, 300x300)
It' s depressing that this is a true story.
2 Andjust turned 13 and was horny as ****
2 Stumbled upon fapping only a few months earlier, so **** still felt like ******* ecstasy
2 Was experimenting with new ways to touch myself: hadn' t even looked at porn yet at this point
2 the day I' m really ******* horny
2 Had heard some guys at school saying that it felt good ifyou put tape on (some **** about the texture}
2 See duct tape in my room
2 Get idea
2 Instead unchanging the texture on my fingers, I' ll do it to my dick
2 Wrap my dick tightly in duct tape all the way around
2 Get this **** fully mummified
2 Go togera off
2 Tape dick acts as one solid object, barely moving andjust stretching my skin
2 Doesn' t feel good at all
2 ********
2 Try to take tape off my dick
2 Sensitive skin starts to tear and bleed
2 Begin to ******* panic
2 Quickly brainstorm ways to get this **** off my dick
2 Get idea
2 I' m going to pee a little and the liquid will loosen it
2 Start peeing
2 It' s working: I can feel the piss leaving my dick and creeping my body, loosening the tape
2 Piss begins to squirt out the back side all over me
2 I tryto stop pissing but I have a boner and I don' t know Ijust can' t
2 Piss all over myself and my room
2 Silver surfer tape condom slides off of my dick
2 Sitting in my room covered in piss
2 Run to the bathroom, get in the shower, and hush piss tape dildo down the toilet
2 Three weeks later
2 Toilet hasn' t been working
2 Dad calls a plumber
2 Guy pulls out weird wad of stinky oblong tape
2 Dad asks me ifl know anything about that
2 Lie through
2 To this day, still feel like he somehow knew
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Submitted: 02/15/2014
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