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When I was young

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When twat. little my Dad deid me that deys
grew under the weeds in the yard and if I pulled the m,
eventually a my would pep em. And I believed it far a hug time.
Ahh, the memeries. Lei
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Mir dad, a pet a day seifer drinker, had
me convinced at age 7 that we had to be 15 buy and
drink cei‘ l' . My first time at Starbucks when Iwas 16 I was
nervous because I thaught they meld card mel Lei.
Like I stephy- I August it at 1: Mpm via r' rtnews
with kids are convinced that they have a leng
lest brewer somewhere thatl dripped elf because he was
tee iend in the car, I am sure they will figure It em but for the
time being em read trips are very quiet and peaceful.
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I convinced my little sister that if she
dressed the "Dlete mitten en the we of her toaste
s we in h meld change her soda tta diet.
Hahahah she cried every time I did it,
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When my sister and I were little. we thought
eucalyptus trees were actually called ‘yeti cpuid lick this tree"
when we' d see them, we' d lick the m.
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fl Ne always been pretty fascinated with spice.
when I was I little girl, my dad tubule take his ladder and
put it en em lawn every night. and bring me eout. side to tell me
he we the mean up he rite. I wind him fer years. He passed
away: few years armand every night when I see the mean I
think him,
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