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#9 - DudeBro (10/13/2013) [-]
I had a high school teacher who was a war veteran who was kind of an asshole but the intelligent people respected him because he was stern, stern but fair. I also was in class with a not so bright kid who once shot the fire extinguisher off when he was bored and dropped it and ran away from it when it went off. First thing he does when he finds out this guy is a vet "so u uhhh, ever killed no one?" entire class of non-downers cringe, wait for destruction from guy who never takes **** from anyone. He just says "If I have to answer that, then you are not a human being". Tension drops. "yeah but i axed u firfth" cringe. Replies back "I'm not answering it". Sigh of relief. "yeah but I axed u befor u sed dat, wer u in da battlefield?" Before the kid gets his ass kicked another teacher walks in with "Eric go be ****** stupid somewhere else". Great story about this post, rejects and cool computer teachers.
#19 to #9 - ebndark (10/13/2013) [-]
MFW my name is Eric :/
MFW my name is Eric :/
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