What the fuck just happened?. I was bored so i went on Omegle. After about 3 attempts of finding someone "Normal". I find this guy.. allt?, omegle Tal

What the fuck just happened?

I was bored so i went on Omegle. After about 3 attempts of finding someone "Normal". I find this guy.

allt?, omegle Talk to strangers!
You' re chatting wath a random stranger on Omeglol
You: H Elli].
Stranger: hi there
Stranger: wanna buy a unicorn?
You: Sounds 100% legit.
You: How much?
Stranger: wudda say
Stranger: cmon 10 bucks
Stranger: 10 bucks
Stranger: no strings attached...,
You: Whats that in GBP?
Stranger: (is that brittish money?)
Stranger: than its . 37’
You: I' ll take it!
Stranger: okay! wonderfull!
Stranger: we at uni& coms are very pleased with your
Stranger: we also sell boats if you are interested
You: I don' t want your boat.
You: But nothing. Did i come here to buy a boat? NO! I
came here to buy a unicorn.
Stranger: the unicorn will be shipped by boat to your
You: Its a unicorn, it can fly here.
Stranger: its a baby unicorn
You: Age is just a number.
You: It should be able to FLY!
Stranger: everyone knows those cant fly
Stranger: hey, we at uni& coms are experts
Stranger: dont test us
Stranger: we will beat you in a game of chess
You: Chess?
You: God, you people.
Stranger: what seems to be the problem
You: It would be an unfair advantage, I don' t even
know how to play chess.
Stranger: you see? i told you we would beat you
Stranger: we also have a great rugby team
You: blow you going to sell me your 1 00% Pure bred
master race flying unicorn or what?
Stranger: yes yes yes
Stranger: just sign the paper work
You: The price was . 36, right?
Stranger: . 3?
Stranger: no penny less
Stranger: but it will be worth it
Stranger: okay okay
Stranger: because you are our tth customer we' ll give
you a discount
You: 100% discount?
Stranger: 96. 3699
You: I mean i could just pirate one on the unicorn bay,
but that would harm your companies profits.
Stranger: exactly
Stranger: those criminals make us homeless
You: If you' re going to sell me a sick horse with a
comento cone sellotaped on its head. I will sue.
Stranger: no no no we are 1000. 000% legit
Stranger: i even have a seal of
Stranger: i dont even know if theta a word
Stranger: but no one cares
Stranger: its a seal
You: blow you' been reduced to 999. 999% Legitmate.
You: Anyway, lets get on with this purchase. I have
things to attend to.
Stranger: okay take a piece of paper
You: Elk.
Stranger: write potatoe on it
You: I' m sure its Potato.
Stranger: no now its potatoe
Stranger: trust me
You: Alright.
Stranger: write your adress and zip code on it
You: Elk.
Stranger: than the price of the product
Stranger: now, this is important
You: Elk.
Stranger: take PINK sprinkles and throw them on the
Stranger: now set the paper on tim
You: mam... toasty.
Stranger: and in 3 days your unicorn will be deliverd
Stranger has disconnected.
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User avatar #2 - medici (01/09/2014) [-]
My ******* sides 10/10 OP
User avatar #1 - unfairlybanned (01/09/2014) [-]
Im ginna get a ************* unicorn
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