Welcome to Funnytown. Population: 0. I' ll be shaung some Interesing stones as a 311 operator/ Anonymous on 04/ no No 543300858 F Anonymous on 35 No p cie; Mat  Welcome to Funnytown Population: 0 I' ll be shaung some Interesing stones as a 311 operator/ Anonymous on 04/ no No 543300858 F 35 p cie; Mat
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Welcome to Funnytown

I' ll be shaung some Interesing stones as a 311 operator/
Anonymous on 04/ no No 543300858 F
Anonymous on 35 No p
man no no phone's [.1455 drunk, snoring no words like a okem [dim
is the dog mam near your button?‘
We have just spawn an annotator towards stay may from the my "
Puma 13138 on THE DDS"
m lost»; my an aunts mm:
I may new you to stay the dag“
wear a dog Wm
stear the mom sound or piss
we mug up
D Anonymous no ) M/ ( Mon) 55 30 No 5433302169 _ '
We pg( SA KB, 500x315)
was about A no PM
state "
vvery teenage me on the other end
vvery panicked mo
unn. yeah Have an Issue laas (F
asno was sew
was mum
What your emergency?'
Thebe' s a ball stuck up my 1'
asno was pentagram
t even need . you' d be surpised now common ths matte
vs there an adult near you that' s aware Mme Issue?'
y mom would k/ l me Lsten, poison mo Shoulders warned?"
s ; but you need to get removed as soon as Yank gangta have tarell an adult, orl' an your location "
asno hung up, one Mme ' tradeback
We pg( 320x240)
Now, a more
There' s someone outside my "
she 1 even nadine say anyting
How dose are you to your window? Are they any weapons?'
ddont know It' s staring at me Always stanag at me 1'
Mam an omber currently on ms way to your location 1 need you to no as Mr away window as you can Are yry_ nuzlocked? ?'
My doors are And, yes It' s Fuckig smang at me ' s usual,'
stopped repling but the We was st/ l on
was fuckong wreaking out but had to keep my 1/ Luce collected
me about 15 minutos was a patent
scares me smile's
We ( 31 at 600x338)
wwomen calls around 3 PM
armed man was currently the process a neigbours car
that he had seen seethrough the glass door
s calm
had about 2 moors detatched to nor location
1 had to do was keep nor calm
tells mo nos outside waiting to escort backyard
ssne' s phone wth me
s not there
mourns out the a few minutes away
tor no apparent reason
Phiscally she was outside and ameer
backside and doors
mm because l would wok up my positron
D Anonymous an ) M/ 21/ ) 18 22 28 No 543306325 p / news /
We (1159 pg( 64 KB, 620x349)
m AM the morning
mettle gm, sounded about chears old calls
and panicking
What' s wrong?'
Daddy' s horang mommy"
Churns out she heard screams rant nor parents room
nor press the phone to the door to my suspicions
mom was moaning throttle 9111 assumed the hacked door meant nerded was mhong ms wfe
out a Camus! case ths was actually a domestic balence case, even though 1 was pretty sure l wasnt
We pg( KB 400x265)
And here' s why most Mme people 1 work along Ede of are on antidepressants and why
I' m no fun at Dames
mlt' s SAM on a may
awoman sobbing on the phone wth mamed yells at the background
My Inthe poral' wasthe hast thog 1 made out through the heaing
years old
was tacking the father through CPR
man hearths monnor screaming how she only took nor eyes owe a minuto
the haw’: name was Kayla because that' s allthe mother started afterwards
was not responding to CPR
was on the phone unt/ the ambulance called me the baby was long gone
ddnt sleepier a week
We pg( KB, 500x300)
I' m tryong to balance the funny and sad stones but 1 guess thtere' s more trage than happy
llt was Saturday afternoon
teenage 9111, was versteht
NM took deep breaths heffie speaking, she was
name was Madam old
asno house
ssne med to breakage nor arms and she odiously sounded we they were broken
asno smd no one was nomo
and nor nose was nose
asno was and she who such a non spot
ssne sounded very collected and she really dd sound we a sweetheart
asno kept tihng me now sleepy we was
kept stalling hearth about 501001 and trends / e nor replys got slower and slower
asno stopped repaying to me 5 minutes before the ambulance armed
bleeding was the cause
ssne sounded we such agood person and t' gettng ths emotinally Invested
fact that 1 was the last one to talkto me up
We my pg (32 KB, 3003600)
vvery hoarse mo onthe other end Mme phone
the victem had been screaming and/ or was extremely dehydrated
was a
sad she was we was on norway to work
apparently took hum a gremy apartment
mun sanp
wraped nor [absolutely destroying nor nyman the process, we sad we was heavy bleeder)
skeep ghn was "
me he was currently not the apartment
gno had taken nor phone without knowing she had another one
no one could near nor screaming
ssne was crying
tthe words she was sayang we 'rape' and "" sounded on nor
reached nor more no came back, 1 was on the phone wth nor once thedayved
asno' s healthy and well nght now How no one heard nor scream always be a mystery's me
D Anonymous on ) ( Mon) 19 29 42 No 543315031 p »:.
We consoles m( , )
Coonday morning
mauy onthe other end sounds We nos been crying
had swallowed of p/ ls
sucke, changed ms mm only every
call fuckong haunts me because the sounded so defeated
mum scared to me" was what he kept everytime nod up
was sent over
then started sobbing about now he cant even k/
me about ms daughter that passed away rom cancer 2 years back
atacks about ms mm
up some more
me about now ashamed ms be 'she saw
gno decades no wants to go allthe way
gno started swallowing a home worm
mm tryong to cornice hatt not to
was the sound paramedics put mm onthe streakier
t know W he' s We In dead Cl Anonymous an / ( 35 " No 5413324169 _
want to know We (45 Kfa, 514x3%)
sht day at work
Mme boston marathon
sure 'anyone remembers, but l was owe
Into a chem or attacks
D Anonymous an ) ( Mfrn) 1942 21 No 543315725 _ :{
We glpg( 116 KB, amass)
315031 was tense
r story were all hell to unleash
We on the phone ofthe day
prepare maser
be more than wears old >' 911 What' s your emergency?'
r' My asters wnats are bleeding, She' s asleep[ Whysat she waking um" southern accent
me up astounded drunk/ hgh
to make alitle Yyear old awe amen may shock
put ms hand my nor mouth and nose to feel whether coming or not > J ahead, we
mhee was are blue >' How 5071
11111110 around and apply pressure ranted for about an hour sham now walmart doesnt sell ms facourite km moor
We ambulance usual need to understand now not the mood bullsht 1 was
sad we looked cod and moneey tieten , has do wth the 12th monument (F
heard mm run and gran sometihng heme heading back to the we YOU My ' '
gno basde nor and covered both a blanket Mme sound mrclass shittonne
came nomo lttle snuggled basde hearth a blanket wrapped around both artyom >' FREEDOM MYASS'
we was asleep In her mood assumed walmart
cred paticularly hard that nght wt was arrested
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My name is bluer that yours and I haven't seen it. lay off.
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it was literally on here a matter of hours ago
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Link me to it.
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Now i thumbed them both. quitcher bitchin
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nah im good reposting something from months ago is ok, when someone reposts a newest upload then they are just thumbwhoring
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never said I was better, just saying I've been here longer.
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