Weak daddy. . iit our if I t he. Call it societies influence and what not , but feminine masculinity to this level is a real turn off for me.
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#72 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
What's the matter? You can't stand the sight of a strong Nord woman?
User avatar #111 to #72 - seras ONLINE (07/19/2014) [-]
Muscular Women Mod
User avatar #113 to #72 - dehnoobshow (07/19/2014) [-]
Ironically, she can be killed by one swing of an iron dagger.
#81 - lecorbi (07/19/2014) [-]
I like it
I like it
#91 - Whaaaaaaaaa (07/19/2014) [-]
You can still lift and not look like a bro. I want her so bad.
You can still lift and not look like a bro. I want her so bad.
User avatar #131 to #91 - kievaughnb (07/19/2014) [-]
Sam Wright is natty
and attractive as ****
thank you based god
#10 - clasp (07/19/2014) [-]
Call it societies influence and what not , but feminine masculinity to this level is a real turn off for me.
#28 to #10 - endospore ONLINE (07/19/2014) [-]
Here's a fun fact: Most women don't solely exist to turn you on.
#32 to #28 - thechosentroll (07/19/2014) [-]
Yes, I'm sure so many of them wear high heals, impractical clothing and starve themselves because it's ******* fun.

Here's a fun fact: Both men and women actively try to attract the opposite gender. Men exercise to get ripped, women exercise to get slim, both use cosmetics, both dress to impress others, both go out of their way to turn the other on. That's how it is, that's how it's always been, that's how it's going to remain for quite some time. Implying that no one's trying to impress anyone or that only one gender does it is ******* moronic.
#34 to #32 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
Many of them don't and they're vilified for it.
User avatar #35 to #34 - thechosentroll (07/19/2014) [-]
Yes, because it's not normal. We're instinctually driven to try and impress people we find hot, so our brains perceive people who don't try it as genetic failures and we mock them. Example: Land whales and neckbeards.
#38 to #35 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
Of course, apart from this genetic imperative, much of what motivates us to persecute others is that we perceive the same weakness in ourselves. If we did not first see it in ourselves, we would not recognize it in others.
User avatar #39 to #38 - thechosentroll (07/19/2014) [-]
I agree. That's why I've never been a fan of the "Accept me for what I am" thing so many people support. Everyone has physical, mental and emotional flaws. In my opinion, we should be trying to overcome them as best we can instead of just going "Nah, I'm perfect the way I am. It's society's fault it doesn't appreciate me.".
#42 to #39 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
And that's why no one should choose or think they should be happy all the time or else they's lose the motivation to eat, drink and breathe. When you are circumstantially unhappy (excluding clinical depressions where developmental or genetic traits conspire to make you unhappy regardless) then that is there to motivate adaptive change. The next problem is that such instincts are slow to form and slower to change. We may have solved most short term threats on the Earth but there are longer term and farther flung challenges for humans not to mention changes to existing phenomena. Our genes don't survey the world before they forge an instinct; we must be willing to override them based on evidence.
User avatar #121 to #28 - collateraldamageco (07/19/2014) [-]
You sound like a massive cunt.
#97 to #28 - clasp (07/19/2014) [-]
And that's fine and dandy , they don't have to . I'm just saying they don't do it for me
And that's fine and dandy , they don't have to . I'm just saying they don't do it for me
#98 - jaketasticness (07/19/2014) [-]
When that 			****		 is real, you just kno
When that **** is real, you just kno
User avatar #119 to #98 - kevinator (07/19/2014) [-]
that's alot of power, I weight 250 and cant break a watermelon by sitting on it.
User avatar #126 to #119 - Jxeer (07/19/2014) [-]
User avatar #151 to #126 - kevinator (07/22/2014) [-]
thank you.
User avatar #138 to #98 - lolguythesecond (07/19/2014) [-]
Its like the watermelon opened its mouth and vomited blood
User avatar #139 to #98 - alekksandar (07/19/2014) [-]
Well, definitely not 69ing her.
#116 to #98 - thempc (07/19/2014) [-]
Comment Picture
#1 - letmetouchyourboob (07/18/2014) [-]
inb4 no 9gaging
inb4 no 9gaging
#102 - darksynthix (07/19/2014) [-]
If anyone wants to know, her name is Dana Linn Bailey
#99 - winners (07/19/2014) [-]
Dana linn Bailey on the front page??
#127 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
Dana Linn Bailey is probably the only female boby builder I find attractive. She's ******* adorable, but she can rip your head off at a moment's notice.
#129 to #127 - jdubbb (07/19/2014) [-]
she used to be really attractive. muscular and feminine. but now..... no thanks
#143 to #129 - anon (07/20/2014) [-]
When she isn't all tanned up and flexing for a competition, she's hot as **** .
#134 to #127 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
how about Kortney (KO) Olson? damn she is fiiiiine!
User avatar #8 - darknesincontrol (07/19/2014) [-]
10/10 would snu snu
#23 - weaselcake (07/19/2014) [-]
I have a theory on why muscular women are a turn-off for some guys. A long time ago at the start of humanities existence, before any of the major civilizations in history started, men were the only ones who really did any physical labor. They needed to be strong enough and have enough running endurance to take down animals much faster then themselves. Women's bodies are not....fine tuned to getting muscular. In a way, Nature is sexist in this. Because of breasts, women ere hindered in their ability to run as well as men and they have a harder time overall gaining muscle mass on the same scale as a guy could. So seing a muscular woman was really, really rare. In this age where it IS possible for women to get ripped, our brains aren't sure to make of it. Our brain's are like "WTF? How did you get so rippped?! Thats impossible!" so it could potentially trigger either a fear or disgusted response in the guy, because naturally, women have a VERY hard time achieving that kind of figure.
User avatar #33 to #23 - thechosentroll (07/19/2014) [-]
So, in short, it seems unnatural, so it freaks most people out.
User avatar #60 to #33 - lordofpenis (07/19/2014) [-]
Even though this is half wrong.

A muscular woman wouldn't of been selected for because for that level of leaness, reproductive abilities would be halted. The woman wouldn't of produced any children, or it was unlikely to do so - so bam, no kids - the genes for the leaness carried on the Y chromosome aren't carried on, allele frequency decreases.

It's only recently that it's become easy to get to such a level for women, especially as seeing how it's ok for them to now do exercise and not just stay in the kitchen looking after the sandwiches and children, as was in the past.
Anyways, it means that the only offspring were born to those women who were normal/ a bit overweight, or in good reproductive state, so those children preferred those women as the men who mated them had the mental aspect that made them want to mate them, as they were attracted to them.
It can help explain why particular people are attracted to fatties, some to skinnies, some to muscle heads. But there's many other factors involved too.
#51 to #33 - weaselcake (07/19/2014) [-]
Yeah, thats perfect XD
#36 to #33 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
Let us apply this flawless logic to everything and destroy the computers that sit before our eyes!
User avatar #37 to #36 - thechosentroll (07/19/2014) [-]
If they were organic, I agree. They're not. **** off.
#45 to #37 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
You're over-generalizing and applying selective logic.
User avatar #46 to #45 - thechosentroll (07/19/2014) [-]
No, I'm just bored and ************ my way around having to make a proper argument. The subject doesn't really interest me enough to put in the effort required to argue.
#48 to #46 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
Indeed. Your time would be much better spent doing natural things - impregnating every female or bedding every man - as your superior genome dictates.
#47 to #23 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
I just think it looks inherently masculine, it's like short hair, if I wanted the **** a guy then I would, I'm not attracted to women that go to extreme lengths to make themselves look like men simply because they look like men.
User avatar #130 to #23 - kievaughnb (07/19/2014) [-]
What you're essentially saying is that because of sexual dimorphism in humans/great apes, women with enough testosterone to get jacked are practically men which is kind of ******* disgusting.
#44 to #23 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
This is pretty much true. It also marks them out as not being very good potential mates since female reproductive hormones impede the same kind of muscle bulk you can get in a man.
#115 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
**anonymous rolled image** im not jelly she don't have the muscles
**anonymous rolled image** im not jelly she don't have the muscles
User avatar #41 - vedgetable (07/19/2014) [-]
"cause he spends 40 hours working a job"
#66 to #41 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
Bc it's not like people have a job AND go to the gym
User avatar #114 to #66 - vedgetable (07/19/2014) [-]
AAAND its time to work out your theory
24 hours in a day, 7 hours in the week
= a subtotal of 168hours in the week
- 40 = 128 hours11
- the hours of rest preferred = 8*7 --> 70 hours left
User avatar #128 to #114 - fables (07/19/2014) [-]
my boyfriend is working 10 hour days and still manages to go to the gym 4-5 days a week
there is no excuse
not to mention he has a bulging disc and his back hurts
he still goes to the gym and has time to make dinner, clean, do **** that needs to be done
User avatar #146 to #128 - vedgetable (07/20/2014) [-]
i hate the there is no excuse line all those gymrats use, its plain annoying, if you dont have time for it, you simply dont have time for it or you know, you can be a crappy dad inthat scenario
User avatar #147 to #146 - fables (07/20/2014) [-]
I'm no gym rat. I'M the one saying there is no excuse. if you really want to work out, you'll make time. even if it's 2-3 times a week. there is always time for 30 mins-1 hr at the gym.
and wtf are you talking about, crappy dad? a good dad would care about his health and work out
for his children. and working out is great for stress
User avatar #148 to #147 - vedgetable (07/20/2014) [-]
spending time with your children is a bit more important than going to the gym, and where not talking health where talkingbuilding mass, you cant build mass with just 3 days, seeing you need periods of recovery and good rest and neutrition. that eats up time lots of lots of time
User avatar #149 to #148 - fables (07/20/2014) [-]
dude my bf spends an hour at the gym
mon-thurs, takes friday off, goes saturday, stays home sunday
he's got the perfect amount of muscle
and he eats a lot of protein
he doesn't do some crazy diet to gain muscle. he just eats healthy.
and ofc it's more important. but you're making excuses for why you can't go.
I mean **** man, 2 hours staring at the sky?
15 hours to yourself?
use some of that time to workout at home
lift dumbbells.
and 5 hours is more than enough for gym time in a week
I'm not telling you what to do, but I am saying, you're damn good at making excuses
User avatar #150 to #149 - vedgetable (07/20/2014) [-]
im not making excuses, seeing i dont go to the gym, i prefer actual sports over fitness i like competetion more than just brainless lifting
but have had the struggle of not having any spare time for a while and trust me, not having time to do nothing productive makes you go insane
people dont realise the importance of just having time to do nothing
at that time i had work to worry about and school, not to mention the face that i live in a ******** where people dont like foreigners like me so i cant even say school was that much fun because the fights i got in, thepoint is whe n is spend 32 hours in school and about 20 hours working a week i become one of the so many un motivated running on fumes type of guys, in the end i just realized i was just human so i took les hours at work and somehow managed to get away with skipping a lot of hours at school and in the end my school results where better and i was a lot happier, even so that i could pick up boxing agian and practice more often in the week

im lucky that i can spend less time working, some people dont have that privilage
User avatar #117 to #114 - vedgetable (07/19/2014) [-]
lets take 10 hours of just taking care of yourself, showering, cleaning ourselfs brushing teeth, putting clothes on that sorts of stuf in any aspect
leaves us at 60 hours left
dont forget you have a household, doiing groceries, and worse case scenario youre a single dad cause your wife was to much of a twat. you spend 20 hours cooking, cleaning and stuf wich leaves us with 40 hours

your kid is an angle and you love to spend time with him -10 hours

leaves 30
swag money bitches you cooked up a nice dinner, dinner with the fam, 7 hours a week

27 hours, for the love of god alone time is needed - 15 hours is 12 hours left|
twelfe hours

time you waste looking in at the sky added up is maybe 2 hours
10 hours, time spent in traffic is about 5 hours or so if you live in a city
5 hours remaining, how exactly do you focus on ******* getting a good workout everyday if you have 5 hours? when i work out i go to the gym 2 hours times a week, and that was before i got injured, there are people who live ****** up lifes like this.
#123 to #117 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
Yet, SOMEHOW, people still do it. He didn't say 'its possible' he pointed out people actually do both. I work with a lot of guys that work out after they get off shift.
User avatar #88 - included (07/19/2014) [-]
Does a girl who lifts have strong vaginal muscles too? I'm curious
#125 to #88 - gtfomylawnbish (07/19/2014) [-]
Runners do, so I'm sure lifting does the same. My wife started running after 30 and Jesus Christ almighty.
#5 - DeadImmortal (07/19/2014) [-]
Dana Linn Bailey puts the fear of god into my boner
#18 - nerdforlife (07/19/2014) [-]
"Because daddy has a job"
#19 to #18 - riseandfightfj (07/19/2014) [-]
i know plenty of men who have muscles and have 9-5 jobs.
User avatar #20 to #19 - greatbear (07/19/2014) [-]
9 jobs???
User avatar #22 to #21 - greatbear (07/19/2014) [-]
I was joking man...............
User avatar #49 to #22 - thatoneiranianguy (07/19/2014) [-]
That wasn't exactly a funny joke...
#52 to #49 - fukyouto (07/19/2014) [-]
yes it was
User avatar #53 to #52 - thatoneiranianguy (07/19/2014) [-]
No...no it wasn't.

It did not play onto anything he said what soever.
#54 to #53 - fukyouto (07/19/2014) [-]
he said he knows plenty of guys who work 9-5 jobs, the joke was that he thought he meant anywhere from 9 to 5 different jobs
User avatar #55 to #54 - thatoneiranianguy (07/19/2014) [-]
Well then obviously it was my fault what he meant.

I knew he meant 9am-5pm jobs. It was fairly obvious to me and it should be to everyone else. If anything, if he was going to pull a joke like that, it would have been better placed if he typed it as 5-9 jobs, which he didn't. Sorry but the order of precedence didn't warrant that to be funny to me.
#57 to #55 - fukyouto (07/19/2014) [-]
ok well in that case you should get immediate surgery to remove what i presume to be an absolutely massive stick out of your ass
User avatar #58 to #57 - thatoneiranianguy (07/19/2014) [-]
Oh no...god forbid other people have different kinds of senses of humor! The world is doomed!

#59 to #58 - fukyouto (07/19/2014) [-]
#74 to #53 - stallioncock (07/19/2014) [-]
All those red thumbs you're getting should tell you otherwise.
User avatar #75 to #74 - thatoneiranianguy (07/19/2014) [-]
You think thumbs really ******* matter?
#76 to #75 - stallioncock (07/19/2014) [-]
When it's a matter of opinion like what's funny and what's not, yes. Your opinion is wrong.
User avatar #104 to #76 - thatoneiranianguy (07/19/2014) [-]
Nice logic.
User avatar #56 to #53 - promor (07/19/2014) [-]
Seconding, was in fact a funny joke
User avatar #63 to #49 - tiles (07/19/2014) [-]
I laughed my ass off, piss gentleman.
So yeah. It was funny.
User avatar #67 to #63 - thatoneiranianguy (07/19/2014) [-]
I guess FunnyJunk has really lowered its standards.
User avatar #85 to #67 - mutzaki ONLINE (07/19/2014) [-]
Nah, it was funny. You're just butthurt because you didn't get it and then you didn't wanna admit fault.
User avatar #103 to #85 - thatoneiranianguy (07/19/2014) [-]
I got the joke...I clearly said that...your reading comprehension needs some work.
User avatar #106 to #103 - mutzaki ONLINE (07/19/2014) [-]
Thinking the guy is stupid instead of thinking he's making a joke is not getting the joke. You understood after, but still wanted to keep up the dick-attitude and so you wouldn't want to admit it was a decent joke.

Oh, well, I'll let you get on with your nap, which you seem to need.
User avatar #108 to #106 - thatoneiranianguy (07/19/2014) [-]
You do realize I'm not the guy that called him stupid, right?

Let that speak for your reading comprehension.
User avatar #109 to #108 - mutzaki ONLINE (07/19/2014) [-]
Nah, it speaks for me not checking usernames, is all. Either way, you're still a dick.
User avatar #110 to #109 - thatoneiranianguy (07/19/2014) [-]
Nah. I never called the guy stupid, I just expressed the fact I didn't think it was funny and explained to everyone why I felt that way.

God forbid people have opinions, right?
User avatar #120 to #21 - collateraldamageco (07/19/2014) [-]
It's funny that you use this gif when you can't even see that he was joking
#50 - dehumanizer (07/19/2014) [-]

User avatar #70 to #50 - aldothenazi (07/19/2014) [-]
Well you sure are doing your name to women. Dehumanizing them that is. But its all true.
#73 to #70 - dehumanizer (07/19/2014) [-]
gotta vent my frustration somehow
User avatar #78 to #73 - aldothenazi (07/19/2014) [-]
Haha, bitch gotta learn to appreciate the good things in life instead of thinking her tits are the only tits in the world.
User avatar #136 to #50 - iridium ONLINE (07/19/2014) [-]
Fun fact, the highest ever recorded IQ is a woman living in New York.

It hardly matters though, since IQ is a silly measurement of intelligence in the first place as it only accounts for certain kinds of intelligence, like how quickly and easily someone can figure some mental problem out. It does not account for creativity, social IQ, wisdom from experience, or any other things that contribute to a person's overall "intelligence".

And considering how much you whine about being a, and I quote, "autistic alcoholic beta with no gf" on the Advice board on a nearly daily basis, I'd have to say this may be why.
#142 to #136 - dehumanizer (07/20/2014) [-]
new york you say...
User avatar #77 to #50 - MrDeadiron (07/19/2014) [-]
Too bad IQ tests don't test for creativity or drive and basically just prove that you did well on an arbitrary test.
#83 to #77 - dehumanizer (07/19/2014) [-]
>creativity and drive

User avatar #137 to #83 - xgreenmaidenx (07/19/2014) [-]
You do realise that everyone is different.....? Even women.
Because it really feels like you don't.
#141 to #137 - dehumanizer (07/20/2014) [-]

everything important in civilization was done by men


Oh yeah right, thats why they are opressed by the patriarchy.
#144 to #141 - xgreenmaidenx (07/20/2014) [-]
Here you go again
#145 to #144 - dehumanizer (07/20/2014) [-]
sorry but thats the truth, go cry about rape culture or something
#64 to #50 - vegituh (07/19/2014) [-]
Comment Picture
#2 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
Fun fact, any time you see a woman with that kind of muscle mass it's either because she takes hormone suplements or she is an example of an XXY chromosome set.
#100 to #2 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
fun fact, i'd do dirty things to her
#24 to #2 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
This is the most ******* stupid comment i've read all day lmao
User avatar #3 to #2 - thinkwithportals (07/19/2014) [-]
fun fact women can look like that just by working out.
#12 to #3 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
That's Dana-Linn Bailey.

She uses steroids. There's a forum dedicated to steroids and she's one of the moderators on it, details her cycles and what she uses.
#25 to #12 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
Unless you're a female athlete shut the **** up, you clearly have no idea on what our bodies can actually do.
#27 to #25 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
Found the tumblr womyn.

You go girl, don't let them fancy 'scientists' with their understanding of 'biology' tell you anything other than what you know as a proud, strong womyn.
#152 to #12 - anon (03/03/2015) [-]
Serioulsy, anyone could be Dana Linn Bailey on the internet, I doubt as a NPC athlete she would go ont he record, they will ban you fro that. Dumby... It's an unspoken rule not to talk about roids or HGH while competing it's a no no.

#4 to #3 - mikeoxlong ONLINE (07/19/2014) [-]
Her delts are way too big to be natty for a female. There's just no way.
#6 to #4 - lordraine (07/19/2014) [-]
Sure there is. Genetics doesn't determine how fat or thin you are, but it sure as hell determines your build, core shape, and how you accrue muscle and fat.

You know all those fat as **** girls? This is what they would look like if they stopped horking down cake and fast food and started working out. This is what a physically fit heavyset woman looks like. A landwhale that lifts weights instead of forks.
#26 to #6 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
Just to further drive home the how incorrect you are - that women is on a cocktail of various supplements including steroids (Dana-Linn Bailey as other anon posted above). Muscle accrues differently in men and women - a fact that has been known as biological certainty for decades. It does somewhat surprise me that a site so disgusted by hamplanets can also be so ignorent of how healthy bodies work.
#31 to #26 - lordraine (07/19/2014) [-]
Samefagging on an anonymous account doesn't make you more convincing. For someone who talks a lot about biological certainties, you sure don't know much about basic anatomy.
#40 to #31 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
Find one scientific flaw in any of my claims.

You won't be able to.
#68 to #40 - lordraine (07/19/2014) [-]
Cite something for a change and maybe I'll try.
#14 to #6 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
No, it really isn't. For a woman to physically gain that kind of muscle mass at that body then supplementary testosterone (and most likely other regulatory hormones) have to be taken. I'm not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, so theres no need for the tumblr-level responses of 'OMG WOMEN CAN WORKOUT TOO!'
#140 to #14 - anon (07/20/2014) [-]
Retard alert.
#7 to #6 - mikeoxlong ONLINE (07/19/2014) [-]
If a hamplanet decided to drop a bunch of fat really fast, she would probably have scrawny shoulders as an end result. Just because obese women have large body parts doesn't mean that there is extra (if anything, more than practically zero) muscle beneath the fat and extra skin.
User avatar #9 to #7 - smaaen ONLINE (07/19/2014) [-]
That's because dropping weight really fast does not equal to building muscle and being fit.
User avatar #133 to #6 - kievaughnb (07/19/2014) [-]
Bro. Go back to writing novels about Fallout 4. You have no idea what the **** you're talking about.
#13 to #3 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
Testosterone is what regulates muscle growth and women simply do not have enough to build up to that without taking supplements.

I assume you simply don't know what an XXY set is so I'd suggest you look that one up yourself.
#90 to #3 - cannibalvegan (07/19/2014) [-]
Don't think so. I believe that this is pretty much the limit for any woman.
User avatar #124 to #90 - masteropcc (07/19/2014) [-]
oh sweet yisus, look at those abs D:
User avatar #92 to #90 - thinkwithportals (07/19/2014) [-]
Yeah I agree I think the girl in the picture is pretty extreme. I've just seen some pretty burly girls at the gym I go to who I know are clean.
User avatar #29 to #3 - joeyliquid (07/19/2014) [-]
No they can't, at least not to that level. Somewhere close to that level is possible however, also a few medical conditions will allow a woman to "naturally" reach that level. Please do some research, i recommend /fit/. When they ain't being narcissistic ********* .
#30 to #3 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
fun fact no they can't
you don't lift do you?
She takes steroids. a lot of guys would struggle to get delts like that natty.
Mine aren't that big and i take clen and have lifted for 4 years.
User avatar #96 to #3 - deepgreen (07/19/2014) [-]
which clueless faggots are thumbing you up? It's common knowledge dana uses all kinds of gear and illegal supplements.
User avatar #61 to #3 - studbeefpile (07/19/2014) [-]
Not like that they can't. Women simply cannot build the same amount of upper-body mass that men can. It's just not on their genetic plate, naturally.
User avatar #132 to #3 - kievaughnb (07/19/2014) [-]
LOL you have no idea what the **** you're talking about. With that low of a body fat percentage (considering women naturally have higher levels of bodyfat) some kind of cutting agent and steroids (probably just test, but still) have DEFINITELY been used, especially considering the fact that Dana maintains that level of leanness and incredibly high muscle mass for extended periods of time. There is literally no way she's natty.
User avatar #71 - girguy (07/19/2014) [-]
because he's an adolescent boy and getting massive gains at that age can stunt your growth

the woman must've had testosterone injections, especially since there's a ******** of supplements behind her granted they are protein, but i'm willing to bet that she also takes testosterone
User avatar #82 to #71 - mutzaki ONLINE (07/19/2014) [-]
She was referring to his dad, who had said the thing.
User avatar #84 to #82 - girguy (07/19/2014) [-]
1. well maybe the dad does have gains, we can't see him in the pic
2. i bet this was made up by tumblr feminists and the dad never said that
User avatar #86 to #84 - mutzaki ONLINE (07/19/2014) [-]
For the joke to work, it's implied that she can see him and that he's physically smaller than she is.
I bet the whole post was made up in response to the men who actually say that kind of **** .
#107 to #71 - anon (07/19/2014) [-]
She's probably bigger and stronger than you so stop trying to cut her down. Also, don't you know how to read, she was referring to the boys dad.
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