Ways to kill yourself. . allt?, omegle Talk to strangers! You' re chatting with a random stranger on Omeglol Question to discuss: I' d really like to kill mysel
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Ways to kill yourself

allt?, omegle Talk to strangers!
You' re chatting with a random stranger on Omeglol
Question to discuss:
I' d really like to kill myself, but thus far I'
been unable to do so. Will you give me
some words of encouragement to help me
finally do it'?
You: Well..
Stranger: antifreeze
You: Eat some raw sewage, shower in radioactive fluid
then jump offs bridge
Stranger: Mobil 1
You: Spray on a cut and that ***** ll never close
Stranger: my cooking
You: Hah
You: Go to a zoo and jump in the dingo pen
Stranger: punch a lion
Stranger: rope with a black mamba
You: No cause its stop one lion than thirty
******* dingos
Stranger: true
You: Zookeepers would have to death machine those
You: what other ways to die are there other than the
vanilla stab/ shoot oneself?
Stranger: oh go high five strain
You: That' ll just shoot his arm off
You: if he wants to REALLY die he has to go the extra
You: Plan another terrorist attack
Stranger: go over Niagara falls without a barrel
You: Try to **** a kangaroo
You: Bite a komodo dragon
You: walk in the general direction of any chihuahua dog
Stranger: give we ' s to we navy sailors in 24 hours
You: Cause those little bastards always wanna kill ****
You: drown in the pussy
Stranger: **** those barking football' s btw
You: yeah i hate em.
Stranger: buy an Xbox one
You: Go to a biker bar and knock one of their bikes
over causing all of them to fall in succession.
Stranger: go to the "hood" and say the n word
You: Send a dick picture to the NSA
You: Go to prison and state that you' re nobody' s bitch
Stranger: eat a live blowfish
You: Try to glory hole the barrel ofa gun
You: Have sex with Nicki Mina]
Stranger: or kesha
You: Rub one out with Justin Ember
You: Hump a cactus
Stranger: fornicate with a beehive
You: ottooh@ good one good one
You: shove a handful of scarabs up your ass
You: drown yourself in an inch of water
Stranger: travel through alabama
Stranger: lol I was typing that
You: haha
Stranger: proclaim you are the "gay" Jesus in front of
the Vatican
You: If you are a woman? Travel to afganistan in a
You: or saudi arable
Stranger: visit Iraq and shout "i love america"
You: if you are asain stand by the vietnam wall in DC
and shout SCOREBOARD
Stranger: go to Hiroshima and play "bum baby burn"
through loud speakers
You: (Dr Nagasaki
You: I love how this person is probably contemplating
suicide for real and were just listing off the funniest
ways to die.
Stranger: change your name to trayvon Martin and
move to Florida ..... .. and yeah lol
You: no encouraging him/ herto stop and that they
have a beautiful life
Stranger: ya know I' m done actually trying to help
You: Just oh you' re gonna kill yourself? Drive a prius
into a construction site
You: Lick peanut butter offs hobo' s foot
Stranger: watch "one night in paris"
You: Watch "Avatar the last airbender"
You: Watch ANY movie produced by M. Night.
Stranger: what a twist!
You: Walk into a club like "What up i got a big cock"
Stranger: get caught masturbating in class keep going
all the way to the principals office
You: Go to a children' s hospital and tell them Santa
isn' t real
Stranger: go to school for blind. replace water coolers
with acid
You: Have a child do a trust fall on you...
You: fat camp
Stranger: argue with a feminist
You: pull out your dick at a feminist rally
Stranger: go to westboro baptist church rally and agree
with them
You: slap a woman in Yemen
cm wait
They' ll give you a ******* medal forthat **** .
You: Throw a steak at a vegan
Stranger: offers Jew an oven and a shower set at Wal-
You: Alright how about five more good ones cause I
have to go to work...
Stranger: lol
You: Throw a flash bang into a hospital ward filled with
epileptic kids
Stranger: tell a black man you think my granddad
owned your grandad
You: Play massive, vibrating, earth shattering, base
dropping dub step in an museum.
Stranger: win "the game"
You: Go to North Korea and scream for Kim Jong Unto
suck your dick
Stranger: burn down the kfc in the hood
You: Last one: Wears giant ass pentagram necklace,
go to a church, and molest the priest. As they drag you
out scream obscenities about how he had done the
same to you. Whilst you throw chicken nuggets all over.
Stranger: lol I' m done .... .. have a good night stranger
You: Great Conversation Had a great time I hope DP
doesn' t kill themselves, See you in the void.
You have disconnected.
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User avatar #3 - exclamation (12/12/2013) [-]
I have two barking footballs
Well, one is a licking football and the other is a biting football.

And it isn't that kind of licking, you ****** .
#2 - theincrediblemrk (12/12/2013) [-]
"play jump-rope with a black mamba."
User avatar #1 - civilizedwasteland (12/12/2013) [-]
Enlist in the military that's the best choice
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