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#7 - pearfield (11/07/2013) [-]
Call of Duty... Call of Duty never changes... at least not after Cod 4
User avatar #305 to #7 - gayboard (11/10/2013) [-]
You seriously forgot WaW
User avatar #289 to #7 - kattbajs (11/08/2013) [-]
Well BF3 and BF4(Feels like the same game)...Why complaning if you dont like CoD just dont ******* buy it. I dont like BF or CoD.Thats why i dont buy them. It's really easy to not complain about a game you dont like, Try it sometime :3
#290 to #289 - pearfield (11/08/2013) [-]
I don't buy them... I didn't buy BF4 either because it feels like the same as BF3. Your argument fails against me.
User avatar #157 to #7 - nippuhl (11/08/2013) [-]
Comments like this are very naive. You're forgetting zombies.
User avatar #190 to #157 - gobnick (11/08/2013) [-]
but that was a different company, and even still they copied their game over to a sequel as well
User avatar #195 to #190 - nippuhl (11/08/2013) [-]
It's still Call of Duty, is it not?
User avatar #282 to #195 - gobnick (11/08/2013) [-]
yes, but it still just plastered together stuff from the old one and called it a new game, in the same fashion as the content and in other ways as well
#256 to #195 - anonymous (11/08/2013) [-]
different company, child. until you understand that your just another faggot
#146 to #7 - anonymous (11/08/2013) [-]
Because GTA and Battlefield changed so much
User avatar #244 to #146 - psykobear ONLINE (11/08/2013) [-]
No one even mentioned GTA or Battlefield.
And GTA has changed... a lot.
Battlefield, not so much. But pretty.
#163 to #146 - anonymous (11/08/2013) [-]
There was a significant difference between GTA IV and V, as well as BF2 and BF3.
User avatar #168 to #163 - rplix (11/08/2013) [-]
I agree with you.
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