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#3 - allnamesrtaken (02/22/2014) [-]
Not gonna lie, this one looks like a pretty awesome horror book cover.
User avatar #87 to #3 - YMCALG (02/22/2014) [-]
no one asked you to lie
#35 to #3 - anonymous (02/22/2014) [-]
can someone make a background of this?
#56 to #35 - synthane (02/22/2014) [-]
OK, here is one that a bit of basic image-editing got me. Still doesn't look great, but it works better as a desktop background than my previous image. Worth giving a try to see how you like it, though.
#55 to #35 - synthane (02/22/2014) [-]
Here is a much higher resolution one than what was in the OP. I guess you can set it to "Stretch" to make it the proper dimensions for your desktop, but that didn't really look great for me. This image would probably be a better starting place than the other image for someone to make a background with, though.
User avatar #113 to #55 - crocksandsocks (02/23/2014) [-]
m8 phone background it son
User avatar #51 to #35 - allnamesrtaken (02/22/2014) [-]
Not sure, pic is pretty small and it's narrow.
I'm no wiz with photo editing though.
#19 to #3 - anonymous (02/22/2014) [-]
Why would you like about something like that
User avatar #41 to #18 - dagreatmax (02/22/2014) [-]
I would any book that would be made by a person called "Pooper scooper"
User avatar #31 to #18 - allnamesrtaken (02/22/2014) [-]
10/10 would read
#4 to #3 - benschien has deleted their comment [-]
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