Vegan genius. via @CrackedSorcerer Pulp Fiction's hidden dad joke GPOY Yersterday ' Like ' Cc:  funny facebook fail
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Vegan genius

Yersterday ' Like ' Cc: merest
and g others like this.
Tau get ith?
Yesterday at ', ' Like
Yesterday at 1? -‘:11. ' Like
Awesome! Bees it hurt?
Braces were fir Hearse
Yesterday at 3: 12 ' Like
Oh, my net tee distant future... "i
kg. suck it up, be a womans.
Yesterday at ', 14 ' Like , , I [semen
Ham I will.
esters' at 3: 13 ' Like -:21 I person
22 Fosrs, age ' Like ' , I pawn
I LEI Notts age ' Like
buti shudder at the idea of getting
ene. budge
5 Fckers, age ' Like
It was pretty painless.
Black mum ink isn' t vegan through, it' s made by
burning animal bones down ta charcoal 'd
geddan' In it
25 urinates age , Like
And it' s in your mum!!!
P? n' inutes age ' Like
n Write a casement, ..
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