Useless facts about Jurrasic Park. but pretty awesome. Steven Spielberg are learned about Jurassic Park during a meeting in was with we hooks author, Michael Cr no
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Useless facts about Jurrasic Park

but pretty awesome

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Steven Spielberg are learned about Jurassic Park during a
meeting in was with we hooks author, Michael Crichton. The
two had smelly met to discuss a screenplay he had written for
what would eventually seems we TV series ER.
directors who were also interested in adapting we
book into a mail: e included James Cameron, Richard Donner.
and Tm Buritto_ ' s agents circulated we book is
various studios and , Spielberg was able to
acquire we mania is his book
Spielberg famously lured acclaimed British director Sir Richard
out oi a acting and cast him
as John Hammond. But Jurassic Park was acyually we third
min Spielberg had asked him is appear in had
declined roles in two previous Spielberg films.
In 1983, ' s mm Gandhi Deal om Spielberg' s ET,
the var the Academy Award for new Best
Picture and .
Jim Carrey an ed for the part of an Malcolm. and
to the casting dimer. Janet , he did a
no Although Jeff was always are chains,
they did test out other actors.
Bath Helen Hunt and anyhow Palm were considered for we
we of Dr, Ellie Samar.
Ian Malcolm' s famous line " you mean wind?‘ was
actually inspired by sorrowing special visual enema supervisor
Phil Tipped said lo Spielberg when he was void can and not
would be used in animate we dinosaurs nope:
above right), who specialized in animation,
realized that CGI was we wave more inure any seeing some
rough renderings or we dinosaurs - and he quipped. "l mink
rm ‘ Spielberg loom it so tum that he added n to the
inane. rpesot slayed on we as a
inspired this mods meme
NIB, Nil
nipped actually worked with the eel animators to help create
we realistic ems dinosaurs
Because brine long amount of lime necessary fur posi-
producing George Lucas look over we
so Mat Spielberg could go ta Europe m begin
shaming schindlers List. he even has a credit at we and aims
an Goldblum and Laura Dem began a relationship
any meaning on set- they were engaged two years were
calling it quits.
The idea in have Mr. DNA explain we scenes behind Jurassic
Park was a ,akis. According to screenwriter David ; 'l
remember Steven [Spielberg] and l were wrestling with we
very issue, about we DNA, and one oi us said, What are we
supposed to an Have a we character called Mr.
DNA?' And we other one said. 'Yes! Thais exacty what were
going to do"
Hartford. we creepy and annoying kid from we
beginning awe , went on is as we voice of Hyp in The
Land Before ‘rims Ill: The Time of we Great Giving.
There is a reason Malcolm was all black and Hammond all
while: It symbolizes how diametrically opposed we two
characters are.
Joseph Marcello. who played Ten Murphy. originally auditioned
lei Spielberg' s Hook - he was timed damn for being we
young far we role of Jack Banning. But Spielberg promised to
cast him m his next movie.
Easter egg. Jaws is playing on one oi Near]: ocmputer
Did you real that?
In order to cream we ripple elven in we glass oi water, a guitar
some was attached to the underside ofthe dashboard of the
jeep and strung
The screams in Mis some are genuine - we T.
rex was rial supposed to break we plexiglass.
Sam Neill injured himself with we taim, he uses to was we
T Vex. According to Neill, " dropped some burning
phosphorous on we and gut under my watch and look a chunk
oi my am am."
Easier egg: in we maal scene, we Jurassic Park logo on the
jeep is covered in mud and spells out "UR ASS PARK," a
suede joke that -you' re lucky in gel out with your ass in one
The movie has a running we of 127 minutes - but includes
only is minutes at actual dinosaur lavage.
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