Used car browsing. Yes, this is Car.. Rearry] ksa, . wgn nagon: JAMI best of , 8: 1995 Pontiac Bonneville - (Athens, GA) lit MM = It' s the perfect car to help  car ASS
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Used car browsing

Yes, this is Car.

Tags: car | ASS
Rearry] ksa, . wgn nagon: JAMI best of , 8:
1995 Pontiac Bonneville - (Athens, GA)
lit MM =
It' s the perfect car to help senate yenno driver develop self hard way.
Does it run? Most the time
Air conditioning? Who needs it?
Tires? Four of them. Round.
Interior? My friends say it smells like sameone' s grandmother
Miles? Let' s say less than and net ask that question again.
MPG? I thought we were friends and friends dent ask uncomfortable questions like that
Keys? Three sets I! That' s more than two sets by ene full set. And if yen promise net to ask abend the MPG again, there' s a keyless entry key feb, tee.
Wode lock it anymore, but it unlocks the car and epins the trunk. Creed thing, too since the key sometimes wen' t work en the trunk. The little button in
the door does, so slew your roll.
Headliner? Same of it is still attached.
Headlights? They wed; but there' s a trick yen have to do with a towel.
Radial? Yep. And I am we lazy to pull the ten disc changer out. Act new, it' s worth more than the asking price. Sena.
Fuel? More than a half tank, and that stuffs expensive
What else do you need? This car is a ' s dream. Kind of a bad dream, but one of these that' s net quite a nightmare. Yen wake up sweating and
crying just a little and you wander what it was you dreamed about and yen spend mest of the day trying to remember and then you do remember and
then all you want m h is ferget, but yen can' t because it' s net a dream, it' s a car and new yen feel silly
Why am I selling it? Because I like yen- Always have And I think yen need a project And it smells like someine' s grandmother.
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#3 - CaptainKill ONLINE (10/13/2013) [-]
The best car ad ever.
User avatar #2 - imagnetsux (10/13/2013) [-]
you'd need to give your young driver a ******** of money for all the parts and accessories to turn that "project" into anything associated with self esteem.
User avatar #4 - thascomrad (10/27/2013) [-]
Best Car Commercial Ever Best car ad ever
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