Tumblr Conspiracies In My Opinion. BONUS!!! An Ode to Funnyjunk An Ode to Funnyjunk is rightly due For I am glad to have met you On our site we have much to see
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Tumblr Conspiracies In My Opinion

BONUS!!! An Ode to Funnyjunk

An Ode to Funnyjunk is rightly due
For I am glad to have met you
On our site we have much to see
of which we all peruse with glee
For users, we have bronies and religious freaks,
Mudkip ******* and comic book geeks
Compilation makers for Star Wars and Cringes
People going on **** binges
Doctor Who posts which I know nothing about
And anime gifs aplenty, without a doubt
Tumblr and 9gag posts which makes people complain
Argued with illogical reasoning of which I can't explain
Our Admin is a lifting, Korean-senpai hunk
Thus ends my ode to FunnyJunk

I'll take my colored text now please ;D

OC by me!

So I have a theory about the movie Toy Story.
In the movie, Andy' s old favorite toy Woody
says to Buzz "You. Are. A. Toya" in Side house.
Now take the word "toy" by itself. Toy is
spelled . The letter "Y" sounds like
why," which is a question. What are we all
told to question? The answer is authority.
What' s the first thing that comes to mind
when authority is mentioned? The novel
1984" by George [Ewell about an oppressive
government regime.
Who' s the head of the regime? A figure called
Big Brother."
Sid is Andy' s big brother.
ft 'id
Please eate the premises
Your toys
are gay!
I believe the majority of nocturnal users on this site are
injecting or inhaling various narcotics
In this certain instance, did you happen to
After viewing this topic and pondering its meaning, I have determined a certain percentage, in
this ease 5000%, of which I am finished, with the percentage pertaining to an unquantifiable
number in regards to the exam degree of new information I can process at a given time-
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Submitted: 03/19/2014
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User avatar #2 - xxgrrxx (03/19/2014) [+] (1 reply)
This pretty accurate, thumb to you good 'ol chap.
User avatar #1 - sweetbutteryjesus (03/19/2014) [-]
Dood, thumb for content and desc, good job.
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