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Trouser Snake

snake, floppy snake, and the less
common "penis snake".
Despite it' s name, it' s not actually a snake
nor is it a penis), but rather a caecilian.
Carnelians are an order of amphibians that in
terms of appearance resemble earth worms
or snakes.
It is the largest (not to be confused with quadruped)
without lungs being twice the size ofthe second
largest Caecilian . A. are
lim bless amphibians with bodies,
marked with rings like those of earthworms. The
skull is very different from those of other
carnelians, giving the animal a broad, flat head.
Though it has a nose, it' s is sealed
and instead of lungs its skin is filled with
capillaries that penetrate the epidermis, allowing
gas exchange. it has no pulmonary arteries.
A. are completely blind despite being
1. is the opening between the nasal cavity and the .
Due to the lack of information, it is classified as
Data Deficient" by the International Union tor
Conservation of Nature.
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