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#21 - doktorwhat
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the Ministry did send out its own owls, and did watch out for Hedwig to see where he was going. What they did was the following: Sirius puts charms around his area so he's unplottable (similar to Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and the Quidditch World Cup). Then Sirius sends some owl the Ministry won't recognise, and Harry sends his message back. There is a bit of magic involved, like how the owls truly know where to go and who to send it to. But basically the Ministry can't control every owl to see if any post is addressed to Harry Potter or to Sirius Black. Even if they found it, they usually didn't say names. They just said things like "Hey Padfoot, that thing we talked about last time happened again. Want to meet like we did last time at 1AM on Saturday?"