Thought you might need this. not mine but thought it was cool. HOW TO TALK TO WOMEN AND BUILD ATTRACTION A INTERVIEW WITH THE WORLD' S BEST FEMALE DATING EXPERT How to talk women
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Thought you might need this

Thought you might need this. not mine but thought it was cool. HOW TO TALK TO WOMEN AND BUILD ATTRACTION A INTERVIEW WITH THE WORLD' S BEST FEMALE DATING EXPERT

not mine but thought it was cool

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Before you can build attraction in conversation
you need to know what kills t
The Female Dating Experts sag the 3 biggest attraction killers are:
Too much Not holding Bragging and
sexual Intent we contact talking too much
Biggest Attraction Killers
M Not holding we contact I poor attention span
4 7 / #2 Too much sexual Intent
3 Bragging & Talking too much (tied in third place)
4 Risky topics, Le. , sex &
5 Being too drunk
my the biggest #6 Bad
turn on is when W Being over new
rims was wander as Not being present, IE not enjoying the moment
So those are the killers, what about the builders?
Here' s how the Female Dating Experts suggest men BUILD attraction:
Listen to her
Hold we Contact -
Be present in the
Ask questions 2
But what do the Pickup Artists suggest?
The top 3 wags Pickup Artists suggest men
BUILD attraction in conversation:
Hold solid we Be fun & don' t Make a
contact focus on connection
the outcome
Female Dating Experts Vs Pickup Artists
How to talk to women and build attraction
Female Dating Expert Pickup Artist
Hold we contact
our goal is to make ‘intense we contact
a connection through V will also make god
we contact and appear more dominant
uninterrupted attention which will then make
else reels her reel more feminine
disingenuous‘ around gus"
stepheng Alexander - Tripp
LISTEN to her
The number wag a "Esten to what the
man can build attraction girl sags This will give
is to LISTEN - to ask a i . . you all the material
woman questions and to you need to keep the
be kinderegg Interested in conversation going'
her answers' - was
Ellen T white
Be present and in the moment.
Don' t focus on the outcome
All he has to do is peg ‘so into the approach
attention and complement just excited to get
the grrl Pretend she ls to know this woman
the only one in the mom‘ _, and be present in the
Lisa clappity interaction‘
Be present and actually ‘Embrace gear inner
engaged in the exchange masculinity and becoming
Doh‘ t interrupt her comfortable with saying
sentences or worry so what' s truly on your
much about the next mind us what goo think
thing you are going to . . goo should be saying‘
sag, that you don‘ t hear - Dylan Thrasher
her speak, ask. listen
and repeat‘ \
on Black
Don' t talk too much
Talking too much is
usually due not to
but to
nervousness or a desire to
impress Remember, you
want to connect with her,
not 'opress' her '
Christie Hartman
Quit bragging
Tenses and silences
ale attuning good it you
are comfortable with
it and don' t rush to fill
them Remember, It she
likes goo on some level,
she won' t make it dlvi( Uit
she' ll help you along' -
Steve Jaime
By bragging, ‘rather than
impressing her, (which
is likely gum intent),
gum! come across as an
egocentric narcissist who where goo try to show
lacks the ability to be how cool goo are no
sensitive, communicative, bragging, no wing to talk
supportive and loving‘ ' theirself up The lion
Julie Penman doesn' t need to roar"
in my
Relax and dont trg to
impress her ts going to
feel artificial and lame
That means no stories
Thank, how can I have
the most fun with this
conversation? Fun is what I
can The ultimate currency' we
Such topics can some always choose to be around
people may easily it the person we have the most
brought up too soon" hm with so figure out how
Christie Hartman goo can be THAT GUY"
Bobby no
Dent wine up risky
topics These include
ems, sex, polaks, or
anything else serious‘
Make a
A ‘ten woman hears ‘Build some comfort with
that she' s beautiful all casual conversation then
dag long Focus on her . . push into likes and dislikes
brain Instead A ‘rive of local areas or places,
woman will respond figure out her passions
better to compliments and overeats'
about her looks‘ _ - Pierce new
or Wendy Walsh
Practice makes perfect Get out there and start talking to women!
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