This week in science. Links to all the info Nuclear waste: Hammerhead shark: www. This week in science Links to all the info Nuclear waste: www iflscience com/chemistry/manufacturing-glass-could-reduce-nuclear-waste-90 Hammerhead shark:
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This week in science

IFLY This Week In Science 10th Nou 2013
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The Kepler Space
A new method of A new Spelles of Telescope team India launched a
glass production could hammerheart shark announced the discovery mission to Mars.
reduce nuclear waste was confirmed. of 833 new candidate
volume by 90% exoplanets.
The Hubble species of A Flew species of
A new human body telescope spotted an Clangorous, giant dinosaur was
part was confirmed. asteroid with 6 tails. Platypus was an. n? , a close
discovered. relative of the Terex.
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