This guy.... ... needs to just stop. found in the public comment section of "sleepyhollow" at. Tummy Marx . Shenandoah University The pilot Fer Sleepy
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This guy...

... needs to just stop.

found in the public comment section of "sleepyhollow" at

Tummy Marx . Shenandoah University
The pilot Fer Sleepy Hollow was very well done, buti have m vender if the writers have any due what real life is like. In what universe an a person be arrested and held in jail
as a murder suspect because he was taught mending in the middle of the street? Since when do polygraph tests rely en the person irking the test h tell rambling stories about
themselves instead of being r: confined h answering 'yes' er 'ho" like every other polygraph ever administered? And seriously, a man whe poses no physical threat h himself er
others an be lacked inte an asylum - wihout any health insurance h beet! - and have major drugs given him wihout even meeting a docter er being examined first? I really
want h like this shew, and it had plenty of twists and turns in the opening hour, but it bothers me when the most believable part of the stery is that the werld is filled wih
watd' aes, headless horsemen, the Christian apocalypse, and men whe wake up 250 years after death, They' got the thrilling supernatural SEW perfect; it' s just the part that is
supposed h be 'reality" that is completely unbelievable.
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Robert Dunner . A Top Commenter . at (
And in what reality an a headless person walk around, . . . .its a shew get ever it
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Tummy Marx . Shenandoah University
Robert Deiner That' s the weakest argument I' ever heard. They make a stery about a headless horseman and set it in present time, but because it' s about a
headless horseman, everything else an be just as unbelievable and make no logical sense whatsoever? Screw logic er commen sense, it' s just a shew, so whe
ares? Well if you don' t are and they don' t are, why should I?
Benjamin . A Top Commenter . Material Handler at Kimberly -Clark Corporation [United States)
In what werld do police officers tell the truth h people whe they have arrested? If they dent then it kinda lakes the teeth out of your argument.
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