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User avatar #48 - fruhest (10/28/2013) [-]
No matter how hard they've been trained, the orcs would've had more combat experience. Not only is fighting the only thing they do, they are also not affected by age, and are immortal in the same way that the elves are. There were orcs in Sauron's army that remembered the time when they served Morgoth..
The average human soldier might have been training since he was what, 15? So say he's been training for 10 years.
The orcs learn fighting and killing from birth, and most of them are maybe twice the age of the average human.

Now, of course many of the orcs attacking Minas Tirith were young, but then there's also the morale of the troops that everyone else already mentioned, what with the human troop morale being at an all time low, and the orcs picking up the scent of blood and fear in the air..
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