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#18 - adu
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(11/06/2013) [-]
I'm sometimes tempted to do this when I forget I have a turn. I've almost done this. I've come very close to doing this. What I usually do instead though is typically less scummy, or at least I hope so.

So I pull too far forward when I want to get into the turn lane, here's what I do...
>If there's nobody in the lane and nobody heading into the lane (I check my mirrors) then I just pull into it crooked... it's awkward, but not in anybody's way.
>If there are cars in the lane yet nobody behind me (like at all) then I'll back up a reasonable distance and either pull into the end of the turn lane or wait until the cars start taking their turns to slip in (at the END of the line, mind you)
>If there are cars in the turn lane and cars behind me, then I just suck it up, follow the lane I'm in, and take the extra two goddamn minutes it takes to manage a safe way to turn back around towards the light.