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#17 - mattdoggy
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(11/06/2013) [-]
>Going to the beach on a small island for 4th of July
>We are getting off of the bridge and are about to go to our hotel first when i first see IT
>at the stop sign we are waiting to turn right when i see it
>some idiot driving in the lefthand lane alongside us
>everyone else for a mile long is waiting to turn right and has gotten in the correct lane accordingly
>we wait for another 5 or so minutes until we are in the top 10 people in the front
>i happen to look over and see it
>that same driver
>with his blinker on trying to get over
>his face is clearly visible and full of confusion wondering "why won't anyone let me over"
>we keep going hanging onto our earned spot when it happens
>this THING decides it will make its way in front of us and dents the crap out of our car
>we get to the side of the road and call the cops because this creature keeps driving away
>the cops find it later and call us back personally
>they said simply that the crash happened because they were canadians
>mfw Canadians