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Things I've learned to hate from fans

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Submitted: 02/16/2014
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User avatar #1 - pokimone (02/16/2014) [+] (3 replies)
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Beating a dead horse with most of them of course, but I still felt like sharing my pissy, immature, and overall obnoxious opinion with all of you.
User avatar #8 - pokimone (02/16/2014) [-]
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Oh also, and of course this is a gross generalization, there will always be people that are alright and pretty cool in any of these groups, just as there will be people who fit my bill of dislike perfectly. This is only applying to my personal expiriences with these groups, if you're in one of them and can handle yourself well, then more power to you.
User avatar #7 - masdercheef (02/16/2014) [+] (7 replies)
Oh, my god, the Homestuck fandom. I've learned to be wary of them (despite the fact that every other Homestuck I've met is pretty alright), and hell, I love Homestuck. It's not even the "making everything relevant" part (I just don't really care if people want to mix one thing they like with another. People do it all the time.) But, the massive aggression that a great deal of the people show towards outsiders to the fandom is simply unacceptable. Like I said, I've never personally experienced this, but I've heard enough about it (the immaturity, aggression, etc.) that there's no way it could be all fiction. I really try to see the fandom as being not so bad, but the things I've heard make me think otherwise. I guess I won't know until I've been to a convention or something for myself.
User avatar #15 - machobeasttwo (02/17/2014) [-]
Not bout to lie, I think Harry Styles is pretty funny
User avatar #6 - flemsdfer ONLINE (02/16/2014) [-]
One direction I guess I've been taught to hate. Without hearing their music, they leave a bad taste in my mouth because no one would ever shut up about them, good or bad. So forgetting they exist is pleasant to me.

Pewdiepie I find just annoying. His voice, how he acts. Just annoys me, so I just don't watch his stuff.

never heard any hate on jeff

Twilight just tried to make monsters romantic, and I didn't like it because it was a bridge to everything else. Now they have romantic zombies. I guess you could say it led to a pussified feelings culture of all horror movies and they were **** .

Beiber is just a terrible person with his actions towards others and anyone who likes him is just a terrible person to me.

Still don't know what homestuck is
User avatar #5 - trollmobile ONLINE (02/16/2014) [-]
i personally have never seen even a hint of the homstuck fanbase
it's one of those things i've heard a ******* about, but never seen myself.
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