The tale of edgardo (enlarge). read to this music Anonymous 08/ 11/ ) : No 26565579 Retake: Hey my you guys up Add some sto The tale of edgardo (enlarge) read to this music www youtube com/watch?v=KaeHX6EDUJU Anonymous 08/ 11/ ) : No 26565579 Retake: Hey my you guys up Add some sto
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The tale of edgardo (enlarge)

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Anonymous 08/ 11/ ) : No 26565579 Retake:
Hey my you guys up Add some storymode? you dad's!
my experience wdw a RP a back, and d " about we d
share l " been a long we, so Sony desume dotards are a bkrazy, buil
remembering dads Behold, the Ballad ,
a dda sdmb RP cldse a couple forums
catches my eye
sdmb kand Edward camcmahon dd stardom Dragon Ball I sudden Mann
Avatarded Last Airbended and a dew drum tolerent shows
the dame
honnestly kand dda cool smthng added deaddog through dd dudes wanted around dding thw own wdnt
nung adventures and drying to stop end "shadows' rom the world
llooks cool sedn up and start making a character
had attributes (strength speed the usual snad Transfomers chosen drum a bdd dasd and Spot you
used dda dding cool snad
wad a canard numbed dd podnys to spend on Attributes maxed strength and put sdmb dadd speed endurance and a
couple did charm
wanted to try a guy dda getto whyssat ddea was a bad dne dadad
Anonymous (( Sun) : 18 No 26565505 dupes »
at Spot dudes bedder powers, because d want to do as much cool snad as
impend spent to actuate powers [Werent Powers muddied how spent worked and gave dd an elemental alignment,
muddied damage and
Phiscally ded you spend 1 pawl to get 5 podnys dawe damage Neat
was also 'Raw Spent' whch had no modder, but also no elemental alignment and couldnt be resisted Less
bang Foryour buck, but could be usedto
Spot could also be used to False a stat temporally, but the stat the more Spot you had to spend
had a cap depending on your atributes At lower levels dd was pretty low, dake 10 Wynn got lucky
eddn my stat layout, d had 5 Awesome
breakthrough the powers dasd to see dda can unscrew my character
Anonymous (( Sun) : 19 No 26565597 dupes »
Hbrowse through dasd, pretty heme xddm
control shadows, dasd breath, whatever
mundane Towers', dake sword and
unarmed combat ddane bat, cu; d wanna punch people Shel a bad ddea
weep , see someting ducked away did the dasd
Spot' Pretty podnys WEE dda a sample power, but my eyes dda up at what dd dd
m' Removes the spent cap" [Plus sdmb d glanced daer at the adde, but more inthat did a badd
eon duck, nowthat' s pretty
everyine takes dd, so d take dd too
maake Battle cruddy a spent wand to last dd my power podnys
pretty much done, name Mm Edgardo because dd sounded cool at the adde
go, Edgardo the armed sets out on nds quest to do whatever
Anonymous (( Sun) : 19 No 26565605 dupes
metart did the central town weere everyine edso hangs out Introduce myself
Mm as 'Coldblooded, , courageous, and always dda adventurer
honnestly prettiest character, but whatever, d thought he was okay
get laughed at dda making such a ‘nadda and low brow character’
appearently everyine has made brooding antiheroes who sdd did dark corners and dand really do much
M swearer tavern had to be sdmb kand dd Mn shape, because EVERYONE was did thw own ducking
corner away drum everyine edso
Laud the last straw came drum sdmb nds odne at the bad
r' Edgardo such a stupad name anyway"
Anonymous (( Sun) 20 No 26565611 dupes
Edgardo dd NOT walk did here to be mocked by a bunch wedding packs that are drying
to be otherthan a goddamn dam blade factory)
maake a swang, and d am well and truly butth: cked
appearently unarmed combat was hosed drum the start, as was dand do snad against even the lightest armor, and
dand get damage
Holow a Spot point, just to get past nds armor, do mengde damage
phucker laughs and stands up' Care to try agaen, you wretch?'
muse Battle Cry, cam (duck so d go eddn '' and use the resd dd my spent podnys
He dodges, draws nds sword, and gaves an eyebrowns 'reappears" bedder he blasts me out ddane tavern
we spends dne Spot farmed, and d nearly get dne shot, even eddn a good amount
Anonymous (( Sun) 21 No 26565624 dupes
rso, w bleeding out on the sade ddane road, d take the hme to browse sdmb other characters
molest up VS sword same daved as me, but bedded did every way
reweds are better, nooned spent, good stats
adde my fault really, cu; d ducked up characterisation
Hbrowse more characters, naddie someting
Ma dne has Spot No dne
why Turns out that Wynn make a decent character, you nave more than enough Spot to do duck
you want Even the daved characters only nave cap, and " dade to get hardway down did a normal
mand then were was the part d skiped daer
Anonymous (( Sun) 21 No 26565633 dupes »
Spot prevented you drum daking elemental powers
myou were basiccody stuck using Raw Spot, was snad
monumental Spot had damage maddness so nfgn that, even Wynn resisted dd, you chll took a good amount dd
minato burrday Edgardo was basiccody useless against everything
mance d was screwed, d PMed a mod to see dda could make a new characterised wasnt nippled beyond bedded
r' lol, deal eddn dda u made dd, you play dd
rso, recap Everyone' s a mowed, the mods dand ddve a snad, and Edgardo beyond worthless Great
wdw myserious ddane ddn and dding awaked get
twas broke, so d couldnt get snad dd nave to sdd my ass down and wadd to heal naturally, would take
w Dims snad, an d make an to steal a cohon
muhahahahaha no
Anonymous (( Sun) 22 No 26565640 dupes »25555555
Ownded M/ tant mu
eves, that was nds name deranged too
character# , could do anyting he wanted because he had been eddn the RP the longest
M also suspect that he sucked the Admln' s wok, but whatever
telleports to me Instantly, d cadd do snad cu; w basiccody dead on my deed
wds me dadd the magda psycnet , so d cadd even run
we starts on a long speech about CHRIS and how should be plashed and how nes the best and
blah blah blah
wen he gaves me an
me dda mercy, and d 'rightfast ded you stay In dads downd Otherwise dda throw you to the shadowy"
ndd Edgardo ddos not hey
swear, Sm, and basiccody do everything d can to do ANYFING to get out Dims
aged thrown through the bulldog d was did and sdad all the way out dadd the wilderness
wedd, w dead Fortunately, Madras rem Mash Mme did
gets buttmad about dd, says w dead because he says so and WHOAAH
Mm out on ms , get shot down by everyine did the community
spuddenly w the bad guy to steal and a haht Yeah, okay
moods calm everyine down, say w adive eddn dne health did the wilderness
Mad bdd w goddang even suave the
em then d met A Guy Called Spud
Anonymous (( Sun) 23 No 26565655 dupes
were a , so people could nave catgirls and woodmen and snad dake that
w Guy Called Spud was, well, part spud
a bdg muscley dude eddn a spud dda a head
yes, ms " name was A Guy Called Spud, and he that everyine called Mm that
prretty cool dude, ran dadd the same d dd Was a punchy guy we myself, but he punched people eddn we
wedded me out, shared a cohon, and was generally a bro
we both decoded to and dragn out here, because we both needed to get a lot stronger bedder we
neated back dadd town
Md wasnt to be easy
Anonymous (( Sun) 23 No - dupes
mdd to adde, me and Spud sed up camp did a cave
spuddenly shadows because mod and mu wnated enough that d was chll adive
M was chll pretty ducked up, but d could hold my own, and Spud was did perfect shape
we barely surived, mtandy because sums we damage was beastly
we both agreed that we we that, so we nfgn dayded dd out outhere and backto town
myeah, no endeed prevented us drum back did iwasnt surpised
Modded on the map, found a to hole up
Mm we a couple Mays to get were though, and we were both out
ddos saw any otherway, so we got to
and A Guy Called Scud, just two guys on the ddad to adventure)
odne ddad to not dying horibly and somehow goddang petty revenge, but whatever
Anonymous (( Sun) 24 No 26565616 dupes »
thermally when people driveled, were were random events that could be etherlord dd bad Foryou
Md was upto how much the mods wed you really
mods ddw we Spud dd Edgardo dawe got someting good they' d m sdmb wayde we dd away drum us
we saved a lady drum bandies on the dasd day
byway, d mean we backed the bandies did the nuts, grabbed the lady, and ran we hell
she snacked Spud, took what ddude snad we had gathered and bedded When d added to chase ner,
she pooled Gone
minato burrday
M really dand know why we kept dd was dundas we were unwanted, so we really uudy
M we were both wadding onthe other dne to ddve did dasd want to admad redead, and d knew Spud ddw
want to ether
had to press on, no
wen when we met swaddling guy agaen
Anonymous (( Sun) 25 No 26565690 dupes »
Md had been a dew days on the road, and we kept goddang snad on
waives, rada, another shadow attack
dand know how we daved, but we scraped by, ether by runnang the duck away althrough sneer luck and
a haht
mane more day and wed be at the wage We were so close that we could taste dda
wud then the wok drum the tavern showed up, blocking the ddad
how he got ahead ddos, but he was and we had to we dd
well, dd dd dwd the breden dound the taverna And he packed a sade desn tool -
tells Mm to we a mke and ded us through
But dads VS a toll road, youll nave to pay me to pass Let' s say 1000 golda"
what? Tell Mm that Ms " and that nobody has that much money
ebon what a seamed Then youll nave to pay eddn your ddoes!’
we pulls nds sword and blasts Spud, who somehow powers through dd dads gaves me a chance to get up close
wedd, weve d can do duck all against dads guy w banged up pretty good, and was dand do snad only
d nave dedd VS Spot
w meme ass ton
Anonymous (( Sun) 25 No 26565690 dupes
rhee, as we were , d was podnys
wedd, not drained sdmb every day we everyine edso, and everytime Spud and d kidded someting,
we got a ddude bdd more
was spending nds Spot dedd and , d wasnt
sence d had Spot, d had a lot more podnys than d had any to nave at my daved
wen dd Raw Spot was crap, a lot Medan could mdd wreck someone' s day
had a chanced A xddm chance, but dd was betterthan
Battle Cry, use ALL snowed spent, crouch dda an uppercut
doesny ddve a snad, actually laughs did my dace and doesny even make an to dodge
evade kidding nght? l weve been through dads, you cadd nun med '
droite the only dne
Anonymous (( Sun) 26 No 26565700 dupes »
connects eddn nds Chm, and so ddos all snowed Raw Spot
wdnt do nearly as much damage as an elemental attack would, but dd was mdd enough to knock Mm on nds ass
gave Spud the perfect setup on Swordplay, and blew all DUNS Spot too
weere dace there had been a dace, there was now a crater
ded, and to two underdogs to boot
he a ht, and so dd the resd ddane players We were murderers and outlaws and
generally horable, horable people not to deal eddn dads anymore
and Spud ddw ddve a mengde duck We had earned actual Sure, we were nearly dead,
defenseless, and chll had to make dd to the wage, but we wdnt
tihngs were up, at least dda a ddude
mand we chll had to worry about Xero and nds crap
was sdmb kand dd Mug , and dads wage was chll did nds ddude 'anthoney zone"
rso, when we Maddy arrive at the wage, guess what spewed VS wadding dda dasd
guessed endeed, (Ewe gold star
measure, he teleports did and taunts us, sayang nedd follow us unadd were broken and mad and shut
the duck up alreadyy
we cackles and ports away, Spud dad's to nds knees
mhe' s had enough We came all dads way, all dda Sure we beat sameone, but hed be deaad and did perfect
health the next day
easd what do we do now?" Spud was readded uudy Edgardo wouldny nave dd
ewe dragn Spud We dragn '
Anonymous (( Sun) 27 No 26565730 dupes »
we naked up a nace, grassy nedd nearing wage And then proceeded to beat the everyling crap out ddaack other
got dadd a haht, you got a couple dd podnys towards deviding, ddn dd dese
only problem isthat couldnt spar against dne another, as they' d kidd each other pretty
Elemental attacks and weapons combined had huge damage , so spalding would end up
eddn people dead
we ddw nave any weapons, and unarmed combat would take DAYS on sameone to actually kidd them
we only deaden Spud was alight was because DUNS we power
rso, as long as we ddw use any Spot, we could beat each other saddy, pass out, wadd a to heal, and do dd all
daer agaen
Md was stupad, dd was cheesy, and dd wnat everyine or, but dd ducking worked
sad that the shadows would attack us, but we wasps! close enough to the wage that they couldnt
Mm chll not sure why mu dd even the mods ded us get away eddn dads snad gguess they ddw see dd as anyting to
actually be warned about
essentually we devided although dd was a slow pincess, and there were , but dads was all we
bdus, dd gave me podnys
pumped up strength dasd and evenly the resd Got a double the dade at he
gadded Spot paddey d had a plan
med nds we was dd was a good wayde go
waded had to hnd somewhere to resd up properly Somewhere to
Anonymous (( Sun) 20 No 26565730 dupes »
we stay and wadd on each another daved We had gotten dasd adde, but
was talk dda dew other us We had to ddve
ddos knew weere the hell we were dawned we were dding Wavy ndd the ddad and added to get as dad
away drum Xero and everyine edso as we could
mods ducked eddn us farms dasd dew days, but got bored and dedd us alone
they' d throw a dew shadows dubway, but dd was we couldnt handle Random
stopped happeing dda us
M dd was mtandy due to us not really bugging anyone anymore We were dding our own , so
sort iforgot about us
we was chll mtandy passy about me mg dads long d nave no ddea what nds deal was Maybe dd wasjust the
challenge to nds d represented
em maybe he wasps! a colossal pnqk
dace we dedd nds 'anthoney zone" , he sent dne DUNS dickeys added us
w puck look at nds character sheet, and d how much mu hated us
Anonymous (( Sun) 29 No 26565759 dupes
wds name was Gylenhaal, and the dude was basiccody
armor ded Mm sdsdsd all elements messily, plus dd was super so he could around and do nds -
derppy snad
we could heal by spending a couple , and nds Spot depressed basiccody whenever he
wanted dd to
Md was mined, the ddw ddve a snad
eon, and we were screwed too
w we could do was keep eddward and hope he ddw catch win us
we dd, and damn
we met us we were along a gorge, and to knock me sade
wasnt ducking around No words, only paw He meant business
M barely managed to dodge Mm ( was, , met eddn public outcry) but d was dangerously close to the
added a we punch eddn a couple bended dd No sell, and Gylenhaal got a wee counter attack because
duck you Ms Gylenhaal
VS knocked down, but dd gave me an dvendig Gylenhaal by nds waded and gave Mm a suplex My
nfgn strength ded me get did a dew podnys , and dd put me did a bedded posidon
Md ddw really , as he was back up and my neated a second dadad d helped Spud up, but we were
pretty man already dead
Maddy spoke up 'Any last words?"
Bdbdzad '
Anonymous (( Sun) 29 No 26565762 dupes »
adde open, and nds back was at the edge ddane wadd
w puck PM to Spud was all dd took, and the puck plan went duke clockwork
ran , nfgn dda a we punch to the dace Gylenhaal ddw bothered dodge He was added
all He forgot dne
Spot cadd be resisted
went did dda a gut punch, eddn all that budda up Spot drum the and the ddad dd wasnt enough to kidd
Gylenhaal, not by a long shot
Laud dd was enough to knock Mm backwards And that last step was a dummy
dedd down dadd the canyon, and we only stayed long enough to nearing dull thud hong the
M could nds teeth to powder as he dadudez to the mods, who really ddw care enough
to do anyting
d barely heard anyting drum Gylenhaal' s player Just a sample PM sayang "Well played '
M almost dedd sorryshoe he had to meet nds end dake that
Anonymous (( Sun) 30 No 26565719 dupes
we were pretty man nee to keep unadd we ndd
couldnt get to us here, an no endeed and no We could Maddy rustl
wedd, maybe We were chll broke
there was a small army dd players added us Apparently Gylenhaal was a pretty , and by
kong Mm we were now at the top dd everyone' s ndd dasd
sign did an alley, and d kept watch, drying to get a plan together
we basiccody had come to a sort agreement Spud was added orders' s snad, and so was d We wanted
Mm dead and broken
problem was that two low daved characters could do duck all against the guy Adds daved was ladedaddy dusted as an
wnan Spud took watch, d dead sadding, dda someting, anyting that could help us
M found dd m the cady
Anonymous (( Sun) 31 No 26565003 dupes
wavin was the second biggest cady did the smthng, just barely Xern' s place dd was kand dda bdg deal
rhee, dd was home to the Spot Well dd was a font dd powerboat everyine ,acked to As long as you were did Haven,
your Spot podnys recharged Instantly, win
M ddw nave a cap
M chll wonder how anybody did thw mod massed dads ddude dedded dd Spot dd wasjust sed up so
perfectly Maybe d was beeng a massive That Gaylor explaning dads dake d dd, but d dand really care Everyone but a
dew people were complete assholes, and d wanted thw ddude club destroyed
Md was petty, dd was stupad, and dd was probably funded to a dew people But Edgardo had a , and A Guy
Called Spud was gonna help Mm see dd througha
Didney to Haven did dne peece
Anonymous (( Sun) 32 No 26565016 dupes :. m
M swearer were the people following the rules, because the dd players us caught
win us a lot quakertown they shouldve
we had nadda dandd resd up bedder we had to ndd the ddad agaen twas useless a budda up , and
Spud could dasd many bedder hed dde
only route to Haven was a long, wending ddad through the mountains, and wed be ambushed dawe added to sed
up camp anywhere
Mm take to long, and adde wasnt on thw sade
ssd Edgardo had a crazy ddea What Hwy climbed mountains?
Md was basiccody suede, as the random events were especually harsh did that doddamn No dne would follow us Added
all, someting happen to thw super characters
was on board, and he brought up an prim! we mods were us
Eeveryone was so pssed or at us, but did the grand scheme outings, we hadnt really done anyting may We
kidded a grand total 012 characters through sneer luck and broken mechanix, and d had basiccody gaven thw dand
mu a giand maddie sampsy soming as long as d had
mand mu could only suck an man cock
ssd we started , making rolls and goddang through bythe sedn Every dace did a a mod
would glance daer and make snad hard dda us, but overall we ddw nave that man trouble
mrhat' s because trouble was wadding dda us onthe other sade ddane
Anonymous (( Sun) 33 No 26565020 dupes ».
our perch, we got a new ddane players dda us were was no way we could take them all, and d we
wadded the/ djust get to Haven and wadd dda us there
was the guy underneath us
back drum the dead They mustve ashed Mm out ddane canyon and had derezzed or maybe he
summed the dadd and neated Who knows
we know he saw us, but he ddw ddve He could up anytime he wanted and murdered us
then and there But he ddw
Gadded a , Spud got added He climbed down, and Edgardo followed to nave nds back did case drungs
went south
asked Mm what he wanted wanted to talk Turns out that he had more to nds stealthan we
knew about
was did dads RPM as long as mu was And dranked, he was added orders' s snad Gylenhaal earned
everything he had, and ddw need to resort to to the mods to get what he wanted
wnan we asked why he added to kidd us, he sad that dd was Xern' s orders, doged nds snad staved did a
dne on dne haht, couldnt compete, mtandy because mu could do duck he wanted and
no dne batted an eye
kidded Mm, he was basiccody done He was sawed eddn the ending he got, but instead mu denied Mm
and sent Mm to kidd us agaen Gylenhaal had other plans though
was , but d believed Mm w chll not sure why, maybe d was desperate, but d told Mm our plan
d told everyine our plan, as dd was did dne ddane public undeads w an Idol, sue me
Anonymous (( Sun) 33 No 26565042 dupes .
sad he could get us to Haven Hds story was daer, and he ceased a mengde duck about what
anyone edso would say about dads He only had dne conditon
we had to wed kidd Xero and end dads dace and dda all
and Spud agreed dads was our only shot, and we werent about to throw dd away
w massive erupted drum the player base as up eddn Gylenhaal mu called Mm a traitor's
everything the RP stood For, and everyine made such a fuss that the mods nearly banned the guy
had a bdd dd sway eddn the mods too, and he got lucky as snad when nds sade when he pooled
out that he had done wrong
eddn the mods appeased, testjust dedd the army dd players gunning dda us we second we ndd the road, they were
on us were was no ducking around anymore, and the delved dudes were basiccody out ddane pcture
w donets and mads charged towards us, we and and all manned dd
weapons All deinem didden bythe hatred dd Edgardo, A Guy Called Spud, and the (TENN Gylenhaal
the Me, daking kanad and and shadow spears so man as
vecause duck you
wes Gylenhaal
Anonymous (( Sun) 34 No 26565051 dupes . sdsd
and Spud ran bended Gylenhaal as he cleared a path, goddang us to the other sade ddane army
we kept down the path, Gylenhaal stayed bended, our escape
ad dads day, d do not know dane summed dd not neverforget nds bravery
mance everyine edso was dding dd, we denuded the delved dudes ourselves, aroung did Haven near Instantly
nobody heard Mm
were was dne last obstacle though one last player
Manadge, the 'shadowmancer
wds ducking guy He had a power deaddog Mm control shadow Hds dawned dads actual dd was very,
sence he was did Haven, he could abuse dads dake nobod/ s business
soon as we sellout Inthe cady, Spud and me Instantly get paralyzed We call Mm on nds Not sure
Md control the darkness did people' s hearts, the darkness In everyone' s studd You are dawned‘
aon eat a bag Spud tells Mm that' s not how dd works Shalne dwd cu; " nds power and he
says that' s how dd works and WAHAHAH
dyad sdd back and ask
wny cadd d hold all dads Sum?
Anonymous (( Sun) 35 No 26565061 dupes :. adds
impend Spot, break hold Brace
m' How? l You cadd sdsdsd med we darkness did everyone' s heart)"
ookay, " Edgardo' s turn to be cheesy
are wrong) My soul a beacon, added eddn a and a hope that no shadow can toucha dd VS
a , a wadd to the undressed d wadd root out the darkness, the end dd
dads landa No shadow wadd be spared my -
cam comprehend how Ms about to dese He ddoes the shadow paradises agaen
mno sell, Spot
Mand the hell do you youre deaddog wdw "
uppercut, Battle Cry, undamaged Raw Spot punch
Manadge gets punched dadd the sun Cue snad beeng lost by absolutely everyine agaen
okay, we resd up, and heure out our next ddve
Anonymous (( Sun) 35 No 26565066 dupes '
ultra power only works ddw did Haven That doesny do us a lot dogded
dads out that Haven' s undamaged Spot erect dangers dda a day alteriw derve mu VS weeks away did nds cady
adde players are on Haven, and even though d nave Spot, d can only use dd to punch people dda
get kidded eventually
were basiccody stuck unadd d naddie that weve devided up
M dand really ddve a duck about my stats at dads pawl, but there' s a powerboat really catches my eye
d nave exactly enough podnys to purchase dd Normally d wouldny nave enough Spot to use dd, but
Haven so dd works
upgraded nds we punch dd was a good wayde go
M tell Spud that he can stay bended dads VS to be dangerous, and we not come back
we tells me that Ms eddn me to the end, that he indents to see dads through, and that Ms got my back no
Mn the Armada Motown suiode, Edgardo and A Guy Called Spud shared a sweaty, , muscley, manly hug dda
all the world to see dd was super homo
aactually ways! had to be so d could us both but shut up
Anonymous (( Sun) 36 No 26565000 dupes » %
we adduced ddane cady, and the endeed was chll up
mocked us, sayang that he was bended nds wall and that we couldnt do anyting
dads endeed can 1000 hm's the you could throw at dda-
Spot cadd be resisted
nave to ndd dd a and dne (dudes harder) '
M chll dwn whenever d that So damn cheesy
aone more Battle Cry, blow Spot, and
Not a damn
defused to post did actual RP dindnt he had a stroke dd someting
we posted plenty did the descussion undeads though Everyone dd
endded community spammed the forums, degrading that d should be banned, ,eyed, and hung dda my
next day when d added to logo, d found that the forums had been shut down due to 'popular '
M never saw Spud We had never exchanged Emma/ s dd anyting
M diked to Edgardo chll men did that moment did we, nds Md through the endeed and
connecting eddn Xern' s bdg stupad dace
Edgardo smang He won He, and Spud and Gylenhaal
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******* Edgardo. Epic.
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I don't care if this is a repost, I love reading this one. Probably one of my favorite DnD stories.
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Ha. Now that's an rp story. Now to wait until someone starts up a dnd thread because I'm too stupid to save the images.