The story of foxy the fox. It's best if you go to the mobile version with your phone.Otherwise it's good. This is the story of Foxy the fox. Here' s how it goes south park
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The story of foxy the fox

It's best if you go to the mobile version with your phone.Otherwise it's good

This is the story of Foxy
the fox.
Here' s how it goes:
A boy named Stan Marsh
was given a plush fox
Named Foxy the fox, the
one with a green sweater
by a spanish nurse/ A/ ho
was foxy' s former owner.
This was given after Stan had
meet the woodland critters. All
of the woodland critters have
been shot by santa, but have
been incarnated (including
foxy) As seen in the
imagination land episode. This
was also after the imagination
land episode.
After Stan got the plush
fox, Strange things started
happening in his
house. He would find
furniture and random
objects in his house
thrown on the floor.
Foxy would change positions
when Stan moved him to a
single spathe would also
have nightmares every now
and then. Stan moved foxy to
the attic until he was about
32. (This is when **** will
start hitting the fan)
When he was an adult, Stan
married his wife, Wendy
Testaburger. When Stan
found the plush fox in the
attic, Wendy didn' t want it.
gave her chills just to look
at it, And didn' t like Stan' s
obsession with it.
Stan would start to have a
positive feeling with
more obsessed
with him. Foxy later became
angry and demanding a room
with a view. Despite Wendy' s
objections, Stan moved the doll
to his front window.
When no one was home, Foxy
Would move around the
house. People in his neighbor
hood swore that Foxy stared
down at them glowering at
them. He even found a kitchen
knife and holded it in his hand
with an evil grin.
Foxy didn' t like Wendy and told stan
to kill hasten became sicker and
sicker and finally died with foxy on
his side. Now Wendy was In a
******* pickle for sure. Foxy tried to
attack Wendy on multiple
occasions. After a year of this, Wendy
finally found a way to control foxy
and fled the house
One day ago, A carpenter
came in to the house thinking
they needed help. The
carpenter saw foxy staring at
him. Foxy let out a chilling
giggler's carpenter
left, Warning neighbors and
residents not to visit the
home. He never came again.
Foxy finally was in the hands
of a priest who took it to a
spiritualist museum for further
investigation. When the priest
took Foxy to the car, Foxy' s
eyes glowed red and told the
priest to get out or he will get
The priest sprinkled holy
water on foxy, calmed him
down. This was the first time
foxy had a new feeling inside
of him. He was quiet the entire
ride, said to be sleeping.
Stan' s friend, Cartman, Told foxy to
demonstrate his powers. He
banged on the glass case where
foxy resided. The manager of the
museum forced Carmen to
ieave. Cartman died from natural
causes a month later despite being
a fatass
Could foxy be the cause of this?
I don' t ******* know!
This story was inspired by the
South Park episode "Woodland
Critter Christmas". was also
inspired by a true story titled.
Robert the doll"
NOTE: I didn' t want the story to
sound too much like the robert
the doll story so it' s a little bit
different. Yes there are some
stuff taken from the story but at
least its swag.
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