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User avatar #7 - ThatsSoFunnyHeHe (08/11/2014) [-]
I feel like the fact his son was gay is a pretty important detail in this story
User avatar #94 to #7 - jewishcommunazi (08/12/2014) [-]
I think his uncle was some sort of pedophile homo, which caused Stalin to become a little homophobic.
#18 to #7 - reginleif ONLINE (08/12/2014) [-]
"He can't even shoot straight"
"He can't even shoot straight"
User avatar #97 to #18 - kyfvini ONLINE (08/12/2014) [-]
Ive seen this joke millions of times and this is the first time I understood it.
User avatar #20 to #18 - ThatsSoFunnyHeHe (08/12/2014) [-]
I just don't think you should write the punchline and make people put together the context. I mean, not that it's hard to put together, but the person reading it shouldn't have to think "Oh, so his son was gay" after reading the punchline
#62 to #20 - anonymous (08/12/2014) [-]
you know that he didn't say that in english where straight and gay are "opposites"
User avatar #15 to #7 - bloodredspark (08/12/2014) [-]
Nah, it's not.

Just go ahead and delete your comment.
User avatar #42 to #15 - captainrattrap (08/12/2014) [-]
I disagree with you.

User avatar #117 to #42 - bloodredspark (08/12/2014) [-]
I never said I was gay, just that I didn't think it was an important detail?

So uh...okay?
User avatar #122 to #117 - captainrattrap (08/12/2014) [-]
Ok you're not a faggot.
#50 to #42 - imgood (08/12/2014) [-]
I disagree with you.

Lovely person.
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