The first step to getting fit. You have to find your height. This man here was being incredibly sarcastic, under no circumstances do any of the methods listed..
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The first step to getting fit

You have to find your height. This man here was being incredibly sarcastic, under no circumstances do any of the methods listed.

llwr) lall.
How can you find out how tall you are without a measuring
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Mac answered it years ago
Hang by yourfoot and have someone push you while you go limp- You will swing like a pendulum. Time the
period ofthe pendulum, and do the math to figure the length ofthe pendulum.
Stand with your back to the Sun. Take note ofyour shadow, then accurately pace to the top ofyour shadow.
Use trigonometry with the angle ofthe Sun offere hat horizon.
Find someone in a crowd the same height as you. Steal his wallet and read the height on the driver' s license.
Go to Radio Shack and buy a police scanner. Then rob a bank and listen to the description on the BOLD report.
Hold a military grade GPS at the top ofyour head, note reading. Drop it. If it still works, note reading. If it doesn' t
work anymore, take precise note of how long it tooked fall. Do the math with 18 m/ sha as the constant for
acceleration from gravity. ffyou have nothing to drop, stand on the edge ofa building, and alter stepping off
backward, note the precise time it takes foryour head to pass where yourfoot were. Note that building needs to
be sufficiently tall to do the math in your head before hitting the ground.
Find a tile. Most tile is a standard size, often ‘Hoot squares- Now, you mouldiest lie hat on the tile and
count the squares, but since that mouldiest look silly, you should hide yourtube intentions a bit. Start a
with the person next to you. Take advantage ofthe opportunity when they literally deck you to lie straight and
count the tile quickly before they give you paralysis from kicking you in the armpit.
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