The Great Console WAR. A little Story I made Enjoy. Gabe Versus The World Gabe Versus The Worrld The day started We any normal day; people got up and played the fanfic tumblr funny amazing The Best gaming Xbox Playstation
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The Great Console WAR

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The Great Console WAR. A little Story I made Enjoy. Gabe Versus The World Gabe Versus The Worrld The day started We any normal day; people got up and played the

A little Story I made Enjoy

Gabe Versus The World
Gabe Versus The Worrld
The day started We any normal day; people got up and played their government
mandated bideo consoles. If you were a Republican, then you got an TWO. If you were a
Democrat you received a Playstation ti. The government was now only controlled by Microsoft
and Sony, which wasn' t too bad - you got tree gaming consoles. There were some drawbacks
to this govern ment though - Sony and Mic resort were constantly threatening to go to war.
Then one day they did.
The Great Console War of was began when Microsoft assassinated one of the great
leaders of Sony - Kim Jung Ung. Sony counter attached by mining , an Island
owned by the Government (Formerly Known as Australia). Several thousand
Kangaroos were killed or injured in this mine. Only also remained on . Eventually
Nintendo decided to step up, but was imprisoned due to the will YOU being innovative. The
war was then molten down into two competitors - Microsoft - Sony. All was going well tor
Sony - who sought to tree the people under ' rule. But then the Fire
Nation attacked, talling out all of Sony and thus rendering all hope in the world gone - --.
in 2044, after several years of forced labor and slavery under the rule of Microsoft, a
repel group came into play called the Steam Box -An advanced group of no users. The
leader of this rebellion was Known as GEE; a mysterious, man who could not
count to three. This gave the people hope and a reason to live tor the first time in a while!
GABE was tired of ' s so called " and decided to put an end to this
nonsense. He finally revealed himself to be Gabe, creator of the Steam Box in highly
Developed PC), and then confronted Emperor Gilliam Gates. The battle goes as so:
Gabe balloted up the Thousand Foot Stairs of Agony, made out of dead PlayStation
Systems. He had a gait that showed he had no worries about his upcoming battle. Once he
reached the top the stairs, Gilliam shouted, "Why hello there, . Or should I call you by
your real name Gabe? Come here to stop me? HAHAHAHAA" Gabe replied, ''I came to destroy
you and wipe you off the face of the earth you console scum!" Gabe tool: another step
towards the Tyrant, who then said in a bellowing voice, "you dare defy meet You can' t even
count to HAHAHAHAA" Gilliam with the swiftness a cheetah, struck Gabe down - blood
now rolling down his face. "HAHAHAHAHAA YOU ARE NO MATCH FOR MEI." Said Gilliam. "Oh
really?" Replied Gabe, who slowly staggered up onto his feet- And just then, the ground began
to rumble. The Microsoft Palace began to crumble around him. "l CALL THE GODS OF
GAMING AND CALL * -... THREED" He then blasted into the sky and into the
Earth' s atmosphere - staggering Gilliam who could only say, "What..- What is thisl?" Then the
eight planets aligned to form the number three and began to glow. They seemed to be
charging and people all around the world were shouting the number-.- S- When the planets
were done charging, Gabe Shouted, ", PORTAL, DOTA, LEFT FOR DEAD,
The planets shot down a laser beam with amazing speed
destroying everything to do with Microsoft Gabe then slowly lowered to the ground, with wings
of an angel. Landing in a crowd of people, tears rushing down his face. And he said his last
And that is why no is master Race!
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#3 - kiwirulestwo
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(04/16/2014) [-]
"The eight planets aligned"
User avatar #4 - lovot
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(04/21/2014) [-]
If Microsoft were defeated, and Steam came to rule, than Windows would also fall, leaving Linux and Apple to fight it out, and Linux is basically the Borg OS...
#1 - underlois
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(04/15/2014) [-]
That was glorious..
#2 to #1 - anon id: 320d2a93
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(04/15/2014) [-]
gloriously stupid