The Dark Knight always wins. . Glenn My' hers beats year‘ hers. Thanks Janet E September 17 at are / r/ e 'v' crib tsh this, girld I' m pretty' sure with primet
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The Dark Knight always wins

Glenn My' hers beats year‘ hers. Thanks Janet
E September 17 at are / r/ e 'v' crib
tsh this,
girld I' m pretty' sure with primetime, Ele_' l: man
mid beat weba , put st’ Jesus.
September 17 at S' A) ppm I it it preople
Julie ' . . neatly Eirena,
September 17 at E: - eh than
Renter! . . Never. said. it was. ' s forthe
September 17 at. . pit Epeople
Julie Whatisop " ' lingts pr. ave?
September '
Renal-[ I Wha says I' m new rrs. prate' somnething. 7.
September It at . it I pawn
Julie 1' , his but seriously, was respect please..
Renal-[ I It respect yum: respect mine,
And, my belief's that Batman could beat Jew a match tardese
maths mt.
September 17 at ' Jpm . sh Speeds
Enrique -."'*‘r" sure stupid
Julie may areolas Jivaro wheh
September . ,
Ronald "
September . nth I person
Rossi. I' m_ pret; sure the ina
September 1? at 6', I #12 pimple
Glenn Dang Mic] why we havinga.?
September 17 at E.' ' n
Julie Hey hey, nu name calling okay? [r
September 17 at 6:
Ronald , hating en enyone.
You sair/ that Jesus 1. ridd " hear, Myth's and Batman
could totatlly Wm Jesus. .
September 17 at . , 2 male
Eileen ,
September 17 at : 3' ippm
Empire I' m pretty we the J. r. aded. winner in a right ta
idyt himself its the "ii/ odd, But, I_' _ _ t haiti,
September I? at 5: "till I pawn
Julie Nahh, her .' s a hat Else g I sprit
has % resurrect eta‘ 3 deym' s' tir: -d it ' s sins}:
thetry. r: nold receive sehr. ret: isn J ..
September 17 at 5:
Ronald Acually, Sabres has risen from the dead
befor. e with the use ifs , and the precess_ wes aisle stricter
than titres days,
September I? at" r it . 1. e
Enrique satnav is HEW, was w. " re. .
September , r #21
Elem Well ye_ ' r truths died stacraft. ier,
September 1? at 5: 3?
Julie wsn'__ y Jesus Christ sprit fail yap. He' s twing yap
r: m. of chances. Batman crhist. . yes, name at says yes, not
strill hapenis Jesus Christ, B Us, sinners, need it
Setter] B
September 17 at 6: 131 2 people
Ronald . Tin/ all the . sashas rid
power . hi. s sash. It' spalt' -this his Esther. a ppm‘ man.
aild. brittle Magyar with a. 'xxiii. hwy. On the
ather' hand, Ere: Wayne Mashhad years training
with multiple / e, Pluse. . e
incredible . 'ammount" . ed. , he has atlas disposal.
September 17 "
Enrique And ytou' the ‘Fact that bruce
September 17 at
Renard mu." -it this: in lhe. . Ne id
Bruce Wayne as mu do its the existence of% [guess yep can
say we both we with our" .supe? hero. eti:;
September 17 at 6: '13 it people
En. riite . . arch HF "scientific evidence: fiary. of Bruce
Wayne" and fair Jesus, Jesus will with
September If at
Julie that' s was yeti gut , has Christ
meme: wens a_ hun: an the‘ , he dusts ts with
sinners, with Hfs. . whenthe rehear. helose.. ssdp. r: rame arathi. ,
this a merciful End ' why He' sstill ism he live this
day. He Edie paaset ts takeaway. , any day. Byte's
because we stir given . retry stir crams. and
Fallow thelord. as thrilling we
dsn' treeco_ a Savior, we were mm with sip., hem, He sacrificed
r purple when donlt deserve it, we were mm . tre
wrath tatter. t. f beau; we _sri' tared and rebelled , He gaiter
upps srsly_ ts spat indtil: sivri the price. He was and is .
Indeed victual. iti. uif'.
September 17 at
Julie Strret.. baess isn' t rer: eough ifs explain my are and bye Rx
my Sewer. I' m as cal it . much at 'tunit/ trs thanke
was . a. the what He has dane" f: irme. His
Win my spot, Hews my LIFE. c.
September 17 at & . iamaperson
Hurrah] Ttoo haw, litre, I very mush Ewen Your level
of ya: heta, Realty, we' .
But; he Wayne hfur. parents, t: heldeo. , and haw
buisness. . aite ts becam. eat. h. e pa. . " t, a tighter pt"
gist's. s He. puts harm' s way .' y single mit, as that the
pimple . an rustlin ihre. hrot ohaither' rtt protected
havethe has a. Nevil, He hid ' y iight ts live sh pri.. mer.% sly and
U. . w siilis. rie. . butte dress the
greater haii stain life. I thinker' , a martyr_ " as
hero, Plus; when a baddass head. ' e atee unite" his mm.
September 17 at 5: . d, it permits
Julie Ntry. things he dpes. the power ser.' er_ rs ham
t? , he have the parser its saved, hm Elude wrath.
it or ssh we wit lays frs. hace our Ereader that Ihr.: day nth
Cainey, thy good.. erors can' t save yids, tryingt. tro bee ‘guild’ wash yet
never’ we us, Thus, the‘ tuf. eto. seti. sirrah the
only his 'qualifiers, Plus; 1'.. risa. rt Batman Hired ‘the peiople. he saved
Jesus Chr? staahp.. dodrio thir) twice in iimm.
l , New that' s pve. croire, my friend.- Eh, and Gudhak
whih. imige. is C; Ismay tha_ t. y_ . r wears when 1. -'sur. heart teethe
Gospel my. It
September 17 at . iii
Recentl he'. r. disscussing. a "ibat between aid are
lassoing the P. . red result tara. do. mates fist iight
b.. btween. hses" Christ, the man, and Batman, the shiifter needs, I
did: gve. alreaady displayed the mews parallels between the' lets
discuss the physical and ' and scans.
Bruce Wayne has ts the chest,- heart, an assault
fruit darkseid which restated in .hina beitrag . in it seeriously PEPE? -tat
starecat warping between wish, ' we
b' eateries and kira. till alive ts nut my tell the tale, butits. Ems
the gusts (ight' s That' s morethan fr, .
September It at "hill . rib it meme
Enrique Wheres Jews was real, as trixy( ts a Mamet 'iiye) it
fed with this (, raised penile tram
the dead, walked sh wt_ =. rter',_ heeled the lane, , , made fig
Heifer storied staid anything wrszog, survived hr 4131 dias.
rt water, got cra: ified tbr doing , then rase hm
the deed . slats, masr. reale , mck. qut a. fthe way ts get
use sf his_' turnt' r, and went heaven My& ., 1
September 17 at T,
senate we at all, s_ aaman iset_ .
Inever was a ' ara, at .
And, that' s asll.. f. . aland good, butt Resil ts see st’ -these Itto. uld
help Jesus in e fist fight (h. . nadine the this ms ruck, that' s
we taf. aga, Aut, why did it this him days" . rs hearken? With the
get side tsf ihe. e Few hours,
September 17 at 7: . sh I Eran
Enrique Jesus is ALL . UL, Nuff' said
September 17 at
new First stair‘, Jesus '', '.. hatrs a has fightin ' ' st
place plus) . trs haia she . ttm, tabe it, [I
He has sesame ' dmins nait use' Hi. grmmr% r that an at in all,
espiritual tipes Saris} as , Heroins". -and He already. WON, It
that he He/ iid.. an
September It at h
a he he Jesus' part. Sit. trap admit . e Wayne waged
Septemeber P, '_:'
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#7 - josephwolfe (01/26/2014) [+] (9 replies)
stickied by pariahlol
#5 - nemesisyphus (01/26/2014) [+] (3 replies)
This guy wins so hard. "I never claimed Jesus was a hero of Qur'an so don't mix my hero's origins up". Lold hard at this stuff.
#3 - requiemofsins (01/26/2014) [+] (27 replies)
I mean, I'm a Christian and all, but the people on both ends of this argument are beyond stupid.    
Green Lantern would obviously win.
I mean, I'm a Christian and all, but the people on both ends of this argument are beyond stupid.
Green Lantern would obviously win.
User avatar #37 - christheace (01/27/2014) [+] (1 reply)
ignorant **** like this makes me sick to my stomach
it's like people just dont care about holy scriptures anymore, people don't appreciate that a power stronger than them gave himself up for the wellbeing of humans

I mean, when he called Batman a Marvel hero I nearly threw up crying
#174 - tippidyt (01/27/2014) [-]
Last time i checked, god was working for batman.
User avatar #130 - kousei (01/27/2014) [+] (17 replies)
Seriously guys, this guy deserves a ******* cookie. Not once did he deny their faith, get off track, resort to petty insults. He made a clear and mature argument that if Jesus Christ got into a fight with Batman he would lose.
#12 - sanguinesolitude (01/26/2014) [+] (4 replies)
until batman realized jesus is a badass
until batman realized jesus is a badass
#31 - edt (01/27/2014) [+] (1 reply)
you could say hes Christian Baling
#53 - xmonke (01/27/2014) [+] (15 replies)
These Christians are relentless. They're like broken records saying the same stuff over and over and over again, when none of it even has to do with the fact that Jesus isn't physically able to beat Batman in a fight. I respect their beliefs, but facing the truth that Jesus couldn't beat Batman in a fight isn't going to negate everything Jesus did supposedly . It's not like you're going to hell because Jesus wouldn't be able to beat a fictional superhero in a fight. Let's say there was a fight between a wolf and a bunny. The bunny was the son of god, died for our sins, and was all merciful. Still, that doesn't change the fact that the wolf would totally rip that bunny to shreds.
User avatar #35 - tisjunkisdamnfunny (01/27/2014) [-]
enrique is a bitch
#181 - kanduhuskedetder (01/27/2014) [-]
Argument: "Actually Batman is FICTIONAL".
#15 - blastauros (01/26/2014) [+] (25 replies)
I think the existence of Bruce Wayne is more plausible than a dude that walked on water and fed 5000 people with 5 loaves of bread
#19 - afghanautopilot (01/26/2014) [-]
MFW reading Enriques comments.
MFW reading Enriques comments.
#126 - inanimateobject (01/27/2014) [+] (1 reply)
Honestly, it's not worth the read.
User avatar #32 - thisisbait (01/27/2014) [+] (1 reply)
people who end everything with a ******* winky face ;)
#39 - antzell (01/27/2014) [+] (1 reply)
They are the same dude.
#178 - howaitoenjeru (01/27/2014) [-]
Aren't they the same guy?

They both have books and movies. Both die and revive. Both draw inspiration from their parents. Society shunned them.

Batman =Jesus <- fact

#155 - luciferiam (01/27/2014) [+] (7 replies)
Seems we have some immortals leaving among us, claiming it is fact Jesus lived, LOL.
Seems we have some immortals leaving among us, claiming it is fact Jesus lived, LOL.
#62 - ridivey (01/27/2014) [+] (5 replies)
putting [: in every text you make doesnt make you seem any smarter, and it doesnt improve the quality of your argument it makes you seem dumber, and weakens your argument
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