The Banana Shark. banana shark. Super beta stems. I' ll Q first. sbe me, abaut 16. ta the max. shave a hard time dealing with the ladies. beastly spend my dawn  banana shark
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The Banana Shark

banana shark

Super beta stems. I' ll Q first.
sbe me, abaut 16.
ta the max.
shave a hard time dealing with the ladies.
beastly spend my dawn time browsing mm and fapping vs. a secial life.
strange, yet pleasing ways ta get my mks eff.
way ta tap is with banana peels.
sstill eat a banana, but peel it carefully I can stick my dick in it.
imasturbate vigerously inte banana peel.
shamegames I' ll use the same peel tale er three times were thread it away.
m a sick bastard, I knew.
Fast forward a few weeks.
sbeen fapping in banana peels a let.
Getting dat potassium like a mad ****** .
a dependency en fapping in banana peels.
swasti mating with my fingerless gloves does n' t cut it anymore.
speel catches my lead it does n' t squirt all ever my fedora.
stuart calling my dick "The Banana Shark"
Typically pretty quiet kid in my classes.
shmart as **** when it hernes ta Chemistry.
scan name all the elements en the Periode: Table.
**** yeah.
shlick leeking knews I m well in Chemistry while she sucks dick at it.
Pretty nice girl, net all prissy and stuck up like the ether sluts.
Itactually talks ta me.
masks if we can be lab partners.
********* all the yes.
Begins ta get friendlier with me.
Flirting level 3 engaged.
spadde ta actually be alpha fer ence.
sifter a few days m great chemistry in Chemistry, ask her ta w ta a movie with me.
sshe says yes.
Ge ta see Lucky Number Elwin.
ruhe' s inte mah movies and wants ta see it.
Theater is practically empty.
ewe sit in the back rem
Halfway through the movie, I notice she keeps leeking at me.
lat paying attention anymore.
lar dengue is in my meath.
lar hand is en The Banana Shark.
spaghetti is em d my packets en the Mar.
ha asks if I have ever gotten head wafare.
happs my pants ta find a fully erect Banana Shark.
tarts ta suck my dick.
rewe minutes in.
Hanan, yew dick tastes weird.“
Ch Gad, she can taste The Banana Shark.
3-“ It tastes like bananas. De we stick yew dick in bananas Anew?"
me returns.
akward as **** .
Begins puking en my dick.
ha begins ta have a seizure.
Immediately call 91 I.
Thanks a let Banana Blark.
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