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User avatar #1 - flemsdfer (06/24/2014) [-]
Okay, starting off. Not finding fat people attractive is fine, and this is wrong. It is also wrong by saying they need to be respected because in my opinion no one is born into this world with a stamp on their forehead "100% Guaranteed to be respected" no matter who or what they are. It is nice to treat everyone with a same amount of respect to start with, but by seeing how stupid this is going to be, I assume this is meaning something equally stupid about respect.

Second part: They could make a good point, but used the term "triggering" so.......no.

Third part: Not being fat DOES come with health benefits depending on what they're calling "fat". I know a ham planet that can't walk anymore because being so heavy for so long totalled all the cartilage in her knees.

Fourth: Nothing wrong with that. Fat doesn't mean you have no will. Nothing wrong about this.

Fifth part: I stopped reading at "sizeism"

Sixth: I would agree they do not need to be mocked for it.

Seventh: They all aren't, but it's more common for them to be

Eighth: Also true.

Ninth: The word "fat" is an adjective, it describes. If you find that to be insulting then I guess that would be your own problem.
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