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#105 - twofreegerbils
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(10/22/2013) [-]
This is how FJ thinks business works evidently:
Bank Employee Number 1: We are making money by loaning other people's money out, but people want an easier way to access their funds without having to drive to the bank..
B.E.#2: Maybe we should set up teller machines, so people can withdraw money from a wider variety of locations?
B.E.#1: Absolutely brilliant! But how will we recoup the cost of setting up all those machines and maintaining them?
B.E.#2: Oh, we make so much money already, we'll just set up hundreds of thousands of these machines for absolutely free!
B.E.#1: Hell the **** yeah! I can't believe I even wasted my time in business school!

ATM's are a convenience that you have to pay for. That's the way the world works, grow the **** up. The banks could just force you have to make a trip to the actual bank every time you want to withdraw cash from your account, but instead you get to do so in convenient locations. Don't like it? Go to the actual bank and make a withdrawal in person, and don't pay for the luxury of an ATM.