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(03/06/2014) [-]
1: I love everything but the details of the post being at the top.
2: I like how there's more room for the post itself and how much wider the comments section is.
3: I like the fact that the home, **** and other buttons ALWAYS remain on screen and you don't need to scroll to see them.
4: Nice touch with the logo.
5: All in all everything seems "cleaner"
6: I feel with all the greentext stories suddenly coming up on this site we should be able to, both in comments and in content. Maybe with a simple command or button like next to the bold and italic buttons.
7: Oh god fix this little glitch, I tried scrolling while writing this comment and the box disappeared , had to open comment box again only to find it all still typed out, phew!
8: I like this a lot, try and involve the community a bit on this as well and take in some of the higher rated ideas, in other words give the people what they want when they want to browse.
There is my review about this beta thing, hope everything come along great admin.