Teen Boy sex. Source: The Onion subscribe for more Reinhold Reince Priebus (Listeni/ˌraɪns ˈpriːbəs/ RYNS PREE-bəs;[2] born March 18, 1972) is the chairman of t
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Teen Boy sex

Source: The Onion
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Reinhold Reince Priebus (Listeni/ˌraɪns ˈpriːbəs/ RYNS PREE-bəs;[2] born March 18, 1972) is the chairman of the Republican National Committee.


1 Early life
2 Professional life
3 RNC chairman
3.1 2011 election
3.2 Term as chairman
3.3 2012 Presidential election
3.4 2013 election of chairman
4 References
5 External links

Early life

Reinhold Reince Priebus was born in Dover, New Jersey, and grew up in Netcong, New Jersey, until his family moved to Wisconsin when he was seven.[1] His father is a former union electrician who works in real estate. Some sources identify his parents as Roula and Dimitra,[3][4] while others have used "Richard and Dimitra" for their names.[5][6][7] Priebus is of German and Greek descent.[8] At 16, he volunteered for several political campaigns in high school.[9] After graduating from high school, he attended the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, where he majored in English and political science,[4] and joined the Delta Chi fraternity.[10] He graduated cum laude in 1994 and prior to that had been elected to serve as student body president.[11]
Professional life

After graduation from Whitewater, Priebus served as a clerk for the Wisconsin State Assembly Education Committee. He then enrolled at the University of Miami School of Law in Coral Gables, Florida. In 1998, he graduated with a J.D. degree cum laude from the University of Miami after serving as president of the Student Bar Association. He moved back to Wisconsin and became a member of the State Bar, and subsequently joined Michael Best & Friedrich LLP, a Wisconsin law firm, where he eventually became a partner, practicing in the firm's government and public policy division.[4] He ran for election to the Wisconsin State Senate in 2004 but lost to the Democratic incumbent, Robert Wirch.[12]

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stickied by mudkipfucker
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Amanda is my ex, and let me tell you the percentages are much higher.
#16 - baogames (05/04/2014) [+] (1 reply)
i am shocked that 50% didn't say that they did someones's mother last night

i begin to question the accuracy of this data
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#25 - jzpotter ONLINE (05/04/2014) [+] (2 replies)
Mfw when my girlfriend's name is Amanda.
Mfw when my girlfriend's name is Amanda.
#45 - alecsucks (05/04/2014) [+] (1 reply)
**alecsucks rolled image** sounds like all the little kids on xbox live
**alecsucks rolled image** sounds like all the little kids on xbox live
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ISPs face when title
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dammit, I gotta delete my history
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**anonymous rolled image** Forgot to mention the promiscuous nature of your mother
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Amanda being the name of my girlfriend, i do not approve
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notice how it says asked in front of each other O.o.
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notice how it's the onion
#39 - exclamation (05/04/2014) [+] (6 replies)
Sounds like "The Onion plays Xbox Live."

Can't find the textless version I know I have, so have this.
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i do sex
i do sex so much
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In reality however...
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