TL;DR Wikipedia Compilation Part 4. Here's Part 4, as promised when Part 3 reached 200 thumbs. Because I love you all. Part 1: /My+first+compilation+TL+DR+Wikip somewhat OC i think compilation comp tldr wikipedia wiki
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TL;DR Wikipedia Compilation Part 4

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At this point, a mirror is likely the most
photographed object in the world.
Red carpet
The red carpet is just another thing celebrities walk
all over in their undying quest for one more fleeting
scrap of attention.
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A quip is a joke told by someone who went to an
League college.
The giraffe is nature' s peeping Tom,
Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore is a mountain in the Black Hills
of South Dakota noted for its giant busts of four
US. presidents who were instrumental in taking the
mountain from Indians.
Cinco Mayo
Bingo Mayo is an annual holiday
commemorating the availability of 1/ 2 price
Margaritas and apps until mm.
An asterisk is a typographical symbol used to
denote that something is total bullshit.
A razor is a sharp blade or set of blades used to
shave men' s faces and women' s legs until such a
time as it gets downgraded to shaving their
Titanium is a metallic element, the strong and
lightweight properties of which will never prevent
you from sucking at golf.
Sorry, but technically it' s "' s
loving the response iron‘: the Ill users so
tor. You know the drill. 200 thumbs ond
you' ll get Port 5.
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