Sums up dota 2 EUW pretty well. the truth hurts like a russian using a mic. Broodmother modulate game need help I play Broodmother as a semi carry. Early game I
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Sums up dota 2 EUW pretty well

the truth hurts like a russian using a mic

Broodmother modulate game need help
I play Broodmother as a semi carry. Early game I almost always guttiest blood and usually
toy IO minutes have a minimum om kills- However, toy mid and late game I find that Brood
loses much of the early successfulness due to most heroes oncoming highly mobile in
terms of location. Now, teamfights and pushes are occuring everywhere rather htan a
specific location at lane. Webs have along CD and it takes timeto set them up when
pushing mid/ late game. Can somebody tell me how I could improve or change my way of
playing modulate gmae ofcause it' s not easy at all and the pushing is okay. out Lynn.
Lone Druid or Nature' s Prophet Furion can outputs Broodmother in most cases. Not
asking tor dump answers! Thanks!
I usually never Yeayea lane. weo that lane keep pushing it as often and as much as
gets Orchid. that thing is pretty much the most important item on Brood and pick off alone
heroes with the help of orchid and your spiderlings It
And mostly in team fights you can use your o as a nuke to last hit and grow your army. to
push. I would not recommend staying in one lane unless you have gem or wards cloth
sentry and since brood can he easily a prey tor the enemy to pick off if they have
one ounce of rrain_
Originally posted tsy Nekane .'
whey have one ounce avorain.
to the EUW server where russians dont oolong
2_ Flooded with russians
against russians
in one lane ofcause the one ounce of pram isn' t present anyway
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Submitted: 11/08/2013
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