Stranger man is best man. ain't nobody gon be as smooth as stranger man. resubscribed 21 were ace ‘ear Brisbane. : rasians - .3 DH MY GOD. INST THE SING LE GREA Trigger slav bogan Bus Dick
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Stranger man is best man

ain't nobody gon be as smooth as stranger man

21 were ace ‘ear Brisbane. : rasians - .3
tht a ms, heading heme item the I am greeted by an incredibly nice Russia demanding bus driver
with a smile en his face. About 4 Anmial later (in the valley, a? averse} a began hops en with his skanky
l assume) girlfriend. (tey have been sister. May have been hem.) , he does net have the
money he is bus; so of nurse The Began ( referred he es Shir Skull) blames the bus driver.
using all manner of meal slurs, mud and gentel : hungery,
proceeds m be a asshole and ma he the entire bus muffle in their seats.
All except ene ma n.,
Ah, this man. Elvish [meld BE this man. this average looking here that stepped up m defend the poor
bus driver.
Leek mate. he' s just doing his . Hews about we calm dawn and leave the alene. his t his
fault we can' t pay.' The legit; ofthe situation made e slight whistling naise as it passed ever *****
Skull' s head. we cerld see the Tents Truck gears clu and grind in this mains andt!
cranium. ... devian? It must he a challenge.
Are we trims start me ? You wanna me we f'" lung c'" t? You wanna F" ing me?" Ah,
truly the innards of e poet. But even Oscar Wilde himself meld have predict the
reaction eh
Yeah, actually. Let' s do this. tiff the bus."
we cerld hear a penny drep as the hrafn inside ' s ****** little skull ticked ever. Finally,
the Judging eves ofthe hes coupled vein the , slewing velge dyf his telling
him tn ‘take him’ and (quoting directly) "dent take none that **** babe" them both m step aff
the we ready to tight.
Elmer than a mew en , eer here turns m the bus driver, simply save ‘shut the deer mate",
AND WALKS BACK " HIS SEAT, The bus driver shut the deer, drew away. and the
entire bus ERRUPTED- we were clapping, we were cheering, I gave the finger nut the window
and I' m pretty are peeple hugged.
Tldr: Thank we we wen Fer making humans elegy in my bush.
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Submitted: 07/22/2014
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