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Story time with al

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{Not for everyone, this is a pretty long, but pretty funny}

Al finds it in his heart to tell us a very terrifying story of his past.Next week he'll be telling us about his story's of Nam........ but Lets not get to a head of are self's because we all know that that's what stared this in the first place!..... what are we talking about again?.....oh yeah the video.......... i don't freaken know ,you decide whats is are is not I'm not your mom.......

[THE miss spell at the end of the credits was intentional don't burn my house down]

AL had originally made this as just an audio file i just animated it all the voice nonsensical is own by hem threw the state of law and a gun barrel pointed at me at this second [cue joke]

Al chust bruch [alchestbreach]: www.youtube.com/user/AlChestBreach?feature=g-subs-u

that song in the credit : www.bensound.com/#

note : sorry for not making videos in a freaked while lots had happened and this took a while so heck i will keep you guys updated soon

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