Starlight week this week. So I decided to get creative.. Kirby is best pokemon. tags
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Starlight week this week

So I decided to get creative

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Submitted: 05/06/2014
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#5 - indecisivejew (05/06/2014) [+] (2 replies)
Kirby is best pokemon.
#1 - charagrin ONLINE (05/06/2014) [-]
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#11 - chiefwahoo (05/06/2014) [-]
#3 - jaevel (05/06/2014) [-]
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#7 - onigirigiri (05/06/2014) [+] (1 reply)
drawing on a balloon is the most nerve wrecking thing ever
User avatar #8 to #7 - onigirigiri (05/06/2014) [-]
I was informed by google it's spelled "wracking", I have become a bit smarter
User avatar #13 - exclamation (05/07/2014) [-]
I want these. A lot of them.
User avatar #10 - Apex (05/06/2014) [-]
My local one has a few dressed as Pikachu, Pichu and Raichu. It's cute.

They've raised around $400 already last time I checked. The manager's also been giving out little freebies to kids, lollies and lego figurines that never sell
User avatar #9 - kanatana ONLINE (05/06/2014) [-]
Every time I see a Gengar, I'm reminded of that one post where a guy used clever applications of bleach on a black shirt with various cutouts to make it look like a Gengar was ghosting on a black tee.
#2 - shadowrated (05/06/2014) [-]
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