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My teen daughter went topless in front of melt?
Louis asked 3 year ago
Was originally asked on Yahoo Answers Australia
last week i called my 16 year old daughter downstairs for sunday brunch, she rarely twee sleeps so when she
didn' t answer me after i called her 3 times i went up stairs to wake her. when i walked in her room i discovered
that she sleeps topless because it seems that in the middle of the night the blanket must have moved a little
exposing one of her breasts. i quickly ran to her bed and Covered her breast with the blanket and woke her
telling her to get dressed and come down for brunch. now here is what bothered me the most, after i woke her
she sprung out of bed while she was still topless and wearing thong underwear. i shielded my eyes and turned
around and yelled at her to get dressed. i went downstairs and told my wife what happened and she told me
she would have a talk with her. since then me and my daughter have not really interacted, i feel very awkward
and we have barely said 2 words to each other in a week. ijust found it really weird because i know no
teenage girl would want there father to see them exposed, i dont know why she did what she did, but i dont
know how to start a Conversation about it to her, i really want to know if she did it as a sign of disrespect or
what. i really dont know any suggestions would help me alot thanks.
additional details:
we dont go nude in our house, we have never done it, its just not the lifestyle we live. i dont know where she
could have got it from.
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Ill Best Answer Voter' s Choice
year ago
You are lucky God didn' t turn you into a pillar of salt.
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Ill!!?!, ? answered 3 year ago
u made it more awkward. she probably didnt find it too awkward. She probably thinks that you' re angry at her
thats why she wont talk, then it became awkward. why do u feel awkward? are you her ? if not then
you really shouldnt. you raised her from birth till now. u sound almost like a pedophile.
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User avatar #1 - rulebysecrecy (12/11/2013) [+] (1 reply)
idk, i mean im 21 and childless but it still seems to be like I'd be weirded out by my 16yr old daughters breasts, i mean im programmed to love the things sexually, however its my hypothetical daughters breasts so thats a big NOPE. you see the awkwardness, yes?
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