Soon.... bitch did i ask you to read up on me!.. inb4 lawsuit funny
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#3 - I Am Monkey (10/15/2013) [+] (1 reply)
inb4 lawsuit
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I aint done nothing
I aint done nothing
#17 - alexjonez (10/15/2013) [+] (15 replies)
For anybody who isn't better informed about the Oatmeal stuff that is mentioned in the comments:

Back in 2011, content from a site called Oatmeal was being posted on a lot of user-generated-content websites including Funnyjunk. Due to the posts having the attribution mark ripped off and therefor not giving credit, Oatmeal respectfully e-mailed every sites' admin to remove his content. Even after content was removed, people would just repost it. Oatmeal just gave up on it and didn't bother for a year.

After seeing Funnyjunk, Oatmeal realised his entire website was posted on the website. Literally every single work of his was posted her. Oatmeal didn't just tell admin to remove his content. He just told him to at least give him credit! Just putting the attribution mark and that's about it!

Of course, being the gay faggot that he is, admin decided to instead to tell everyone (through hive-mind messaging) that Oatmeal was planning to sue Funnyjunk and shut it down. If i may quote him actually, he said, "the Oatmeal wants to sue funnyjunk and shut it down! He thinks we're nothing more than dirty content thieves". Everybody fell for it and were soon bashing Oatmeal on facebook by calling him fag and such.

Oatmeal burned everyone and made a post insulting the funnyjunk members who fell for admins lies ( Soon, there was the biggest flame war in the history of the internet when all of the Oatmeal followers engaged with the funnyjunkers.

After the war ended (no side won; which is not unusual with flame wars), admin sent the following message to Oatmeal:

"We've been trying for the longest time to prevent users from posting copyrighted content” and “I'm having all content, comics, comments, etc. with the names of your comics in them deleted/banned by tonight… The site barely affords to stay alive as it is and has enough problems"

<<<pic unrelated
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escape protocol activated
escape protocol activated
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Cats FW
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we gon get sued
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&lt;-- &quot;How to tell if your cat is on ecstasy&quot;
<-- "How to tell if your cat is on ecstasy"
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Oatmeal on FJ.

We all gon get banned.
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it seems quite sick of her ****
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If it looks like that it's very likely.
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