Something to drink Vodka with. Source: imgur subscribe for more Eric Till (born 24 November 1929) is an English film and television director working in Canada,
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Something to drink Vodka with

Source: imgur
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Eric Till (born 24 November 1929) is an English film and television director working in Canada, the United States, and Europe since the 1960s. His 1977 film It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet was entered into the 10th Moscow International Film Festival.[1]


After directing Armchair Theatre and the Wednesday Play in the UK, Till emigrated to Canada in Toronto in 1954.[2] He has directed numerous Canadian and American TV films from the 1960s onwards, including An American Christmas Carol starring Henry Winkler, Getting Married in Buffalo Jump, and To Catch a Killer starring Brian Dennehy as psychotic serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

Films he has directed include; Hot Millions, A Fan's Notes, It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet, Bethune, Wild Horse Hank, Improper Channels, Voices from Within (also known as Silhouette), Bonhoeffer - Agent of Grace, Luther and the Muppet television movies Fraggle Rock, The Christmas Toy and A Muppet Family Christmas. His work for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) included some of the following: the mini-series of Pierre Berton's The National Dream, a movie of Brian Friel's Freedom of the City, Katherine Anne Porter's Pale Horse, Pale Rider, Marghanita Laski's The Offshore Island, John Hopkin's Talking to a Stranger, the television film Shocktrauma, and the mini-series Glory Enough for All about the discoverers of insulin.

Till has directed performances of the National Ballet of Canada, the Bolshoi Ballet, and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet for television as well as the final concert of the famous conductor Sir Thomas Beecham.

In 2005 he was awarded the Governor General's Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Arts from Governor General Adrienne Clarkson.

On August 12, 2008, it was announced that Till would be receiving the 2008 Director's Guild of Canada Lifetime Achievement Award.[3]

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#5 - fezzo (02/10/2014) [+] (1 reply)
#9 - leninade (02/11/2014) [+] (2 replies)
You can have a drink with me anytime you'd like.
#1 - pebar ONLINE (02/10/2014) [-]
User avatar #3 - husidusidu (02/10/2014) [-]
Fresh brewed out of the delightful tears of soviet children, their blood and western currency. Taste the feel of socialism.
#23 - Ulmer (02/11/2014) [+] (2 replies)
Most related thing I have.
User avatar #2 - metabolism (02/10/2014) [-]
User avatar #4 - commandershit (02/10/2014) [-]
Not soberviets
#44 - FatherPedobear (02/11/2014) [-]
The more you drink, the more you want to give your alcohol away to every person in even amounts.
User avatar #32 - crostorm (02/11/2014) [-]
I didn't knew they are selling croatian napolitanke in the US. It's the best **** to eat when you're high. Trust me.
User avatar #31 - konradkurze ONLINE (02/11/2014) [+] (50 replies)

i summon thee

buy me this drink
User avatar #65 to #64 - lordgeneral (02/11/2014) [-]
the ultramarines are actually the british
obsession with being the most superior
lives under a false and undocumented history
constantly expanding through imperialism
User avatar #25 - Kalder (02/11/2014) [-]
Its actually a damn good soda, tastes like an orange soda with some cherry and Communism added in
#11 - bigshowsteveo (02/11/2014) [-]
Comment Picture
#22 - reaperspizza (02/11/2014) [-]
where, and how much?
#21 - cultfiction (02/11/2014) [-]
I will pay serious amounts of $$$$ if someone could ship me a crate of these. Please. For the sake of Lenin.
#20 - rohedje (02/11/2014) [-]
Why, in tha whailin' hell, I've never seen one of those in meine beloved motha Russia?!
#19 - lolerbot ONLINE (02/11/2014) [-]
I bought one of those before. its orange soda.
#15 - allinallout **User deleted account** (02/11/2014) [+] (1 reply)
had it, pretty good. if i remember correctly there were catchy russian sayings on the side
#14 - darcabyss (02/11/2014) [-]
Pretty good stuff. I should pick some up next time I can.
#13 - ofmiceandmen (02/11/2014) [-]
Americans drink vodka with mixer?

Is strange place.
User avatar #12 - jshyu (02/11/2014) [-]
love that stuff
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