Some tips about antivirus. Note spybot S&D is really great, but it consumes a of resources. Everything else is pretty accurate.. writ]? not he use Symantec  antivirus

Some tips about antivirus

Note spybot S&D is really great, but it consumes a ******** of resources. Everything else is pretty accurate.

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writ]? not he use
Symantec Norton alt, we MSE
Mira alt.# ttu lust
Kaspersky alt, "to an was
Avast! alt. to use
Spybot alt. new Menu
Paying fer ANY antivirus is strangly
seeu raged.
We suggest net installing these antivirus
pew due their high resource usage
and_ i' er my determine rates.
Mute: An antivirus is net necessarily
med" if it is by an Internet
Service Prettier.
yer he i he use
Amit: Security Essentials mist:
dhalia re bytes re [Mew]
These antiviruses are fa st, regularly updated, law
en resources, and offer the best , They
are ranked the best antiviruses by numerous
review websites.
Hem: FEET is nat free., a key hem
nod '. net and d dwnload the trial version. Input
the key. blew: the website, get ene
before mu install].
Use Wind ehhe Task Scheduler set up
mien every 30 days and run a scan. Defy WISE and
should be when at all times.
use a good renter er Comodo Firewall fer firewalls,
ii) Leif I
versian if - Aprilette, 2010
Fringe ms else work in : and ‘dialer.
This guide was designed to give : users El state experience
while anteing We " warcrimes Elf the innernet.
makt-. lma. spitfi' . irca),
The best antilles commen sense. De net
click links websites yeu dent know
mean frem people mu den' t knew
d dwnload any Nes unless they
are from a trusted sender he , Google, em],
h we at least g gem reviews
er are reviewed by a reputable review website
It is rei: e friended m have a flash drive with the Installer
Less] files fer yew antiviruses, m mu can easily install them
en any computer that might be let, a friend' s}.
Always install updates {usually alternatly] fer yew antiviruses
with out them, we are prone m new and dangerous viruses.
Segunda PSI cheeks fer any outdated software that might pen
a security risk to yen. " provides links fer installation.
vulpers . st: armie/ personall
Always install Windows updates m prevent muses here
taking advantage of security hales.
De net use Inte met - it is highly unsafe. Instead, use
filezilla Firefox, Google Chrome, er Opera. it is highly
m use and Plus in Firefox.
is a geed checker fer any risky downloads.
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Submitted: 07/05/2014
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User avatar #8 - cupcakescankill ONLINE (07/06/2014) [+] (1 reply)
I don't know who told you to use mse or not to use any on the left, but you have been gravely misinformed.
User avatar #5 - numbmind (07/05/2014) [+] (2 replies)
I guess it depends on the person i have two of the programs on your do not use list and they work wonders. The trick is to use more than one, not a single program will catch everything, plus have had spybot remove some of the nastiest virus i ever had before.
User avatar #1 - splendiddust (07/05/2014) [+] (3 replies)
MSE is **** . I couldnt catch a retarded hippo
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