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Some interesting facts

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20 Interesting
Facts with Sources
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Spain' s Paralympic basketball team were ordered to return
their gold medals won in Sydney in 2000 after nearly all of
their players were found to have no disability.
A player commented: .
We were encouraged to pretend to be stupid.
Harvard University earns enough money on interest from
its endowment that it could offer free tuition to all .
students and still make profit on the interest.
The woman who founded Mother' s Day
later tried to have it abolished because, by
1920, it had become too commercialized.
A British man was so fed up with that he
set up his own premium rate number which he asked
them to call instead, netting him around ET a month.
In 2005, an inexperienced trader at a Japanese bank tried
to selle share of Feom stock for , 000. He accidentally
sold 640, 000 shares for H each; the equivalent of selling
billion worth of shares for the price of , 000.
In 2002, Kenyan Masai tradespeople donated " cows
to to the US to help with the aftermath ofa/ 11.
NASA asked Buzz Aldrin to refrain from quoting the
Bible on the moon.
A man "blinked a book”. Barby who
suffered from the Lockerbie syndrome, could control only his
left eyelid. By blinking his eye, he slowly dictated one
alphabetic character at a time and by doing so was able to
write his memoirs (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly).
A Dutch crime writer wrote a suspicious book about seven
ways to kill your spouse a gear after his wife disappeared.
He became a celebrity and spent the next decade hinting,
in print and on TV, that he had murdered her.
Finally, it turned out that he really had.
In South Asia, widowed women were once routinely burned
alive on their husbands' funeral pyres.
A British general outlawed it, saying ' his burning of widows
is your custom; prepare the funeral pile... But my nation has
also a custom. When men burn women alive we hang them."
Today more people worldwide suffer from
obesity (1. 3 billion) than hunger (900 million).
New Years Eve 1999, Brad Pitt played a prank where he
bribed the Mexican Government to cut the power and
phone lines of a resort and send in troops to arrest one
of his friends on drug charges. .
The skull recovered by the Soviets that was believed
to have been Adolf Hitler' s was tested in 2009 and
was confirmed to be of a woman in her .
US eggs would be illegal in a British
supermarket because they are washed. British
eggs are illegal in US markets because they' re
The term "hipster" originated in the 19405, and was
used to aficionados, characterized by
their "dress, slang, use and other drugs,
relaxed attitude, sarcastic humor, superimposed
poverty and relaxed sexual codes."
There is a "professional snuggling," company on the US
East Coast that will come and "platonically snuggle,"
with you in your home for up to 10 hours at a time.
It used to be compulsory for figure skaters to slowly
trace precise, intricate shapes into the ice to be inspected
by judges for scoring - hence the name figure skating'.
Shakira was banned from her school choir because
her music teacher didn' t think she could sing and
sounded like a goat'.
Lindsay Lohan was approached to star in The
Hangover. She declined because the screenplay
had no potential'. .
A magazine published by a group that denied
the AIDS virus existed was forced to cease
publication because all of its editors died of
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