Some Random Interesting Facts. Some Random Interesting Facts According to a Pew Research study performe funny
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Some Random Interesting Facts

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According to a Pew Research
study performed in 2010,
atheists knew more in
general about different
religions than religious
people did, with Jews coming
in elese secend and
Mormons also elese he in
The practice oi daily
wasn' t a new in
the US until the Bills and
Walt Disney used ma M dumma
corporations to purchase the
massive amounts of land
his plan was publicized and
viii?, it 4 if tci. tolit T- mph
Brahman a
genius, who had an ID of ,
read books at 18 months old,
adages, and
3" started college at age ll He
w . committed suicide at age 14
i with nu signs of depression,
suicide note, or pressure to
his parents
Pope Francis, leader of the
Catholic Church we worked as
ks. a bouncer in an Argentinean bar
Roy Sullivan, an US Park Ranger is the
record holder tor most survived lightning
strikes. He was struck? times, anee while
I - operating a trusts. anee inside a ranger
i' station, on two separate teensie es after
awning/ from the storm and
immediately afterthe seventh strike he
had to fight off a bear with a
use He maimed that this was the
time he hit a bear with a
stick in his lifetime
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