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#15 - sirbutterballs
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(11/11/2013) [-]
Sims stories anyone? Well I guess I'll try one.
>Chose sim family
>Landgrabs so I'm instantaneously rich and have sweet mansion
>Adopted kid and made him my main character so to speak
>Started plotting to make a really ****** family besides for main character
>I ignored main
>Started with son
>Dressed 'em up like the weirdest ****** ever
>locked him in his room and made him paint and learn how to play the guitar
>Never went to school
>locked in his room forever
>Then went to the father
>Was already successful politician
>Started an affair with one of his co-workers
>CO worker had daughter
>Made son fall in love with this chick
>Made main take her away and turn her into gf
>Meanwhile mother finds out about fathers affair
>Father burns in mysterious fire made in their room at night and the door was locked
>Grieving and ****
>Mother becomes lesbian
>Marries firefighter who tried putting out fire
>Son still trapped in room
>main became fat **** douche
#16 to #15 - sirbutterballs
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(11/11/2013) [-]
>FFWD A few weeks later IRL And I guess in game
>Son is actually awesome artist
>Coll musician too
>Is always sad and depressed and ****
>Main became biggest ******* douche
>Banged son's original love and married her as well
>Pissed off mother's wife so much she just ******* left the house
>Is a criminal and constantly steals from neighbors house
>Decided that he was too ******* much
>Got Original son to get douche main's wife pregnant
>Wife dies, after giving birth, in fire
>Main's child is also killed
>Son's daughter is just fine
>Main is super depressed.
>Son becomes super succesful musician
>I'm actually quite happy with the happenings
MFW I realize I made a Sims character I actually hated with all my hate.