Should have checked the name on the card. Not OC, unknown source.. I find out; friend: that I check her cell end 5013 enough, my girlfriend i. cheating an IEA.
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Should have checked the name on the card

Not OC, unknown source.

I find out; friend: that I check her cell end 5013 enough,
my girlfriend i. cheating an IEA. text message? between her and
whet the **** ? her . Messages lite
I enjoyed *******
bed. cell me agein
next: time
gm, mg, sshe, an mm 1 _ get revenge he nee.
Am, all I' , me eor “L I' ll wen: e tee days can calm dawn
My mg, arise, Chm an we end think a the best: way
she broke in, teen: an 939 revenge an was
chearing hitch: a
meeting Reddie: tee ideas] The beet way to mete her pay 15
hex wallet. It I have
revengence with demesne else it
won' t mete me feel any better.
my thinking] seen, T was going
to break up with him, but; I' ll
came to his gene, might as well
Misery, ten you the Ca
my gave and
Cheer in: ? sting yhur Sorel.
friends Cao and ml my use him We
everyone beer‘
last time.’ not
Zine _
Thanks tee 4
Gaming, help
tn 4
as much drinks
you E your
friends want!
After the game] hey heme, I' m
geing tn put; thie equipment in my
tee, I' ll be eight back...
Wheres my are
He' ll pay thie
Text message teem BE"; PS. I' m
Text message teem BE"; Thanks tee dumping Yum
ell the beer. Can you grab the
bill while your there.
an than My T' ll just par “sing Girls, lets teach thie bastard e
hie debit card he lent me the : has gs shopper. my
other d” tn buy gee. SUCKER‘. " vi auntie‘-
I ganne Shep till I deep, using my ct Girls, give me ell the
Ere debit card. LOL accepte. (Sauna : them ell an
theere nu way he can return
GUESS any n thie stuff. 1. 01.
new little did she thew, that her I thew she had my debit card, 39
bu)/ friend sleighing hie ass ett.. 1 I devised e plan that would feelly
put; revenge en the map‘.
43 Hours ago]
I took he: debit end my
debit card which lacked the
same (they were the same bent, end
we did net Sign the back)
Sweaty In gating to the
tn buy same milk, we are cut.
I went he the ATM. T changed my When I get heme I secertly put
GTE debit card tn the same pin , bath cards back in her wallet.
Cat' my debit card, end put e new she usually puts her card en
pin , ts my debit card the left aide end mine en the
eight aide. an I swapped them:
Sc she would use hers thinging
1 Week later]
72 Hunts later]
eyehole thinks he can danp me
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Submitted: 06/21/2014
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User avatar #4 - cuntism (06/22/2014) [-]
glad you mentioned it's not OC, as whoever made it took someone's story and made it into a comic trying to claim originality (lame way to get OC imo)
#2 - reparte (06/22/2014) [-]
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User avatar #1 - immpossibru (06/21/2014) [+] (1 reply)
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