She should stand up for herself. . IE? HUSBAND IS f? ). My vagina ain't handicapped She should stand up for herself IE? HUSBAND IS f? ) My vagina ain't handicapped
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#1 - married
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My vagina ain't handicapped
#2 to #1 - zombiealah
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#5 - fuckinfuckinfuck
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(10/17/2013) [-]
Confession Bear time:
I've always secretly wanted to date a girl with a wheelchair, or no arms or no seeing ("eye deafness" I think it's called?) for some reason. It would feel good to make a nice disabled girl seem, well... able.

Now I don't want to date some poop-bag toting cripple with cerebral palsy or anything. Just a normal chick that happens to be missing the ability to walk or can't use her eyes too good or something. Whenever I see a guy pushing an attractive girl around in a wheelchair I can't help but get kind of jealous. This isn't really a fetish or anything, but dating a disabled chick is something I'd like to do before I die.

Too bad blind chicks have scary eyes IRL
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#3 - secretmouse
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