She's Attracted by My Tags. I know it's old, but I figured that maybe.. just maybe.. someone would get a laugh out of this.. Wolf T Shirt Long Sleeve eatten. ao
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She's Attracted by My Tags

I know it's old, but I figured that maybe.. just maybe.. someone would get a laugh out of this.

Wolf T Shirt Long Sleeve
Site: Lage
Color: Hock
four price: h . 99
Hod H is orgu', 1133 3 I
Fte" Ir' IE' " iii THIS ITEM
Don Juan -. EEGEE
you would not believe the pussy] pull in this thing.
This shirt is excellent for timing in husky Nadya American nitrates with
its painful how sexy I look in this.
My power has ini: ressed 100 told with the addition of this shirt to my already
vast aresenal of wall shirts,
stony says's- it
I just saw this my with this exact same shirt on: He made my ?‘ all Wet
motley says... E E w at it
Five stars for weds. t went from nerdy internet boy, to ladies than overnight.
Thanks wolf sweater.
if god were a shirt, this would be the one
i am insanely annoiying and am not worthy of a sacred Wed Shirt
Nothing more beautiful then a girl in a wolf **** and panties.
Even I have one.
Excellent roaming shirt om in the dessert. Gets you great reception for your
cell ohone as well.,
Born to gone" is more like it when you wear this ****** around.
My tam: grew 3 inches ever since i bought this bad ass shirt new my girl cant
eat enouch of my it inth penis,
My last was stolen by a man who had a War shirt for each day of the weak,
Hike muses says... ' it it it *
yeah my bitch dives it to me every night new that i' m decked out in this ****
This shirt is means. I had to untrade the servers because the traffic was just
too high. I donned my suit of armor this shirt) and marched to my tribal
stomping grounds. t waited its the Del warehouse, borrowed a )
grabbed what t needed, but then t was stopped by a seniority guard. He
asked, who are you. and what are you doing here?" I replied. "I am the
Fade. no here to obtain new for my yannis ," He said,
Buddy you know you gotta my for those, right?" I stood um pointed to my
shirt, and said with great glee, "Dude. Look.‘ He towered back into his booth
where he sat amazed at the awesomeness he had just witnessed.
Awesome shirt! do business with again!
Irroflcopter says... A A A A A
thatt t got into a gangbang with a park of hawt wolves because of this sexy
Someone was owl: -in this as a Sadat Santa gift, and I made sure I was the
one to eat it New everyine' s dissed. but alt the days are clapping their meat
at me, Thanks Wolf Shirt!
I like this watt shirt because wolves and shirts are shapes.
iial%., EEGEE
my friend bought me this shirt for xmas as a joke soi decided to wear it out
one night. and ' , you could not believe how many bitches
were smiling at me and growling and / at my eye area. this
shirt must really be a DUES)’ thanksyou waits... for allowing me to
thrugh touch nirtse ll Fast shipment great
i have to carry a stick with me new to swat away all the bitches. I love this
s in
Block Jesus says... E E E E E
Some people say that my father created Earth in 7 days.. he created the wolf
shirt beefore he even began to think about the worm.
This shirt cured my Aids!
There is no way our shirt cured aids.
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Submitted: 01/14/2014
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