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Sharkeisha's cousin - Ghetto girl fight

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"Knee huh ass": Sharkeisha's cousin Stepp whoopin some ass(ghetto girl fight)WorldStar Edition

Full Fight Commentary Below. Please like this and share.
Ghetto Chick Fight between two Black Girls in the projects (New).
Funny. Best fight ever

This fight is an instant classic. The fight starts with one girl kicking off her shoes. It appears that the other girl(we think her name is Steph) was the aggressor, and that she(the girl initially in the grey hoodie and denim shorts) has no other choice but to fight. The first 8 seconds were pretty evenly matched, until about 10 seconds into the match, Steph gets thrown to the ground by Pitt(at least we think that is her name).

Pitt commences to opening up a can of whoop A@$, and pummels Steph for a good 8 seconds, until she gets up at the urging of her family and friends. Steph buys some much need rest time by pulling Pitt's hood over her head. The ploy works well until they end up on one of the spectators' car. This is quickly corrected by the owner. Not one to back down, Steph holds her own, kicking and staying alive for the next climax in the fight. Steph grabbed a hold of Pitt's head and slammed it into the same infamous car, WWE style. Pitt, intelligently retreats in order to fix her clothing and pull back her hair. This has turned into an awesome bout.

Round 2. Pitt is now the aggressor.
Step catches Pitt with with a jab, and Pitt falls. Now Steph does what she is so famous for, and what the video is name after because it is just so funny. She knees "dat A@$".

What looked liked an impending slaughter set to take place, slowed down when it appeared that Steph was giving Pitt some mercy, after scraping Pitt's face around the concrete. Perhaps she was just tired. Steph decideds to take the high road and just walk away, but Pitt unwisely grabbed at Steph's leg. Steph make short work of the antic with one last knee, to the satisfaction of the audience. It appears that Pitt was the one who instigated the whole thing by returning to the scene after previous word had been spoken. She is urged by a good samaritan(we think it's the owner of the imfamous car) to return home. Below are some nice quotes from the crowd:

"knee dat h*e"
"Knee Her A@$"(x5)
"Get off my car"
"Oh $^%)
"Stomp dat hoe"
"And she biting"
"Get Her A@$ Steph!"
"Get up Stepp"
"Get Her ASS"
"B1T%H, you came all the way back here for another A@$ whooping"
"Go on ahead and go home baby

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When all else fails, windmill technique.
When all else fails, windmill technique.