School Project - Tokyo Twice. Hi, I usually don't post on FunnyJunk much, but I think that I would rather post this here than DeviantArt because people seem to  pandas movie posters bologna
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School Project - Tokyo Twice

Hi, I usually don't post on FunnyJunk much, but I think that I would rather post this here than DeviantArt because people seem to actually give feedback on stuff.

Anyways, this might not be funny, but it definitely should be OC. I decided to take a sort of a blow-off class in college that would help relieve stress somewhat, and the class is digital imaging, basically using Photoshop to enhance and create photos. Although we've just started class, this Movie Poster project is technically our final grade, but I decided to get a headstart on it since I already know my way around PS a little.

Alright, I'm not gonna drag on too much longer. What I would like is for anyone to give me suggestion on how I can make it better. Coloring, shadows, text, logo, etc. Thanks in advance, and hopefully I can make some more stuff if you guys enjoy.

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#1 - justleaving (08/21/2014) [-]
No suggestions sorry but it's creepy alright. Didn't even see it at first.
User avatar #2 - annamerp (08/21/2014) [+] (4 replies)
It could use more pandas, but other than that it's fine.
#6 - MDrDeathC ONLINE (08/23/2014) [-]
Pretty ******* good, man. Here's a few suggestions from someone who has used photoshop only sparingly years ago:

The panda is a little too sharp and in-focus, maybe soften him up a bit and blur his edges a very thin width. He's got a higher resolution than the rest of the photo. Compare him to the people on the left, make his edges look like theirs etc. He's also a little too bright, but only a very little bit. Maybe wash him out a little too, but only do so after the other thing because it may make him match better.

You might also consider washing out all blues just a little and then bringing up the saturation of all reds, the lady's coat, and that panda's handbag, but remember not to overdo it or it'll look hammy. Just enough for the eye to be drawn chaotically and away from the hanging body, causing it to feel like something the viewer found rather than saw.

Leaving it mostly empty with a few creepy things was a good decision. Some people try to cram a ton of **** in or make it over the top. Once the panda blends in a bit more, the only thing I'd do is to make the sign like:


Rather than:


And to have the text at the bottom be a proper sentence:
Every city has a secret.

But that's just my choice in aesthetics because a title being lowercase and that full sentence being all tumblr-ey fukin reks me.
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